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28 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 Smooth Moves Cellulite has been dubbed a circulation issue, a lymph issue, a detoxifi cation issue, a hormonal issue and more. "This combination of underlying causes—poor blood and lymph circulation, estrogen imbalance, vas- cular changes, stress and so on—sets off a cascade of actions that enable toxins and impurities to build up in the connective tissues," explains Katherine Tomasso, director of brand education for Yon-Ka Paris. "Eventu- ally, toxins and fat cells harden into upward-pushing plaques, and dimpled skin is apparent." Most spa clients today are aware that there's no magical cure for cellulite, and that its management and prevention require discipline, commitment and a long-term wellness partnership. So, they're seeking therapists who truly understand the mechanisms of skin cells, internal detoxifi cation, fat tissues and every- thing in between. For this story, DAYSPA asked trusted industry experts for the nitty-gritty specifi cs on which cellulite-fi ghting methods work—and why. Applying their knowledge, we've created this easy-reference guide. Use it to help you prep for seasonal body treatments, and sail smoothly to a successful summer! Circulatory Stimulators Products that reduce the appearance of cellulite by accelerating localized metabolism within affected areas are formulated to effect detoxifying action. As Dr. Christian Jurist, Pevonia's medical director of global education, explains, "This includes, but isn't limited to, creating vasodilation, which empowers blood fl ow through the concerned zone; and by attracting fresh oxygen to reactivate fat cell metabolism." Jurist adds that this process encourages the break- down of triglycerides, a process known as lipolysis. "It also helps to neutralize those toxins that accu- mulate due to fl uid stagnation, a lymphatic system issue," he says. "This is typically a slow process, but over time it contributes to the improvement of the condition." "Any time you boost circulation, you aid in the removal of waste, which is what's contributing to cel lu lite's orange- peel appearance," adds Elizabeth Murchison, Guinot's director of education. M'lisa Jackson, president of M'lis, cites niacin as a particularly effective circulatory stimulator, as it "in- creases capillary dilation, which in turn encourages vasodilation, or blood fl ow." Angela Eriksen-Stanley, director of education for Phytomer Group Brands, turns to Palmaria palmata, a red seaweed extract that she says boosts circulation to restore nutrient delivery into the tissue, and to oxidize it too. Lydia Sarfati, founder and CEO of Repêchage, adds that dry brushing is another way to stimulate circu- lation. "I recommend clients do this every morning before showering," Sarfati says, "always remembering to work toward the heart." Recommended application: Use in combination with other methods and as a formula applied to the skin prior to a wrap, to support penetration of addi- tional actives into the skin. Endermologie This cellulite massage therapy utilizes a handheld device to knead clients' skin, employing gentle suc- tion via two active rollers that create a symmetrical skin fold. "The suction action lifts the skin, while the rollers treat the skin fold to a thorough deep-tissue and fl uid-mobilization massage," says Jessica Heron, national trainer for Sothys USA. "In this invigorating full-body treatment, connective tissue gets a workout, and circulation is increased." Adds Susanna DiSotto, director of marketing for Satin Smooth, "The negative pressure of suction vigor- ously yet gently enhances the movement of lymphatic fl uid throughout the circulatory system." Recommended application: Apply in-spa using appropriate devices. © GETTY IMAGES

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