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30 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 Exfoliants Scrubbing cellulitic areas may assist in fostering mechan- ical vasodilation, benefi tting the circulatory system and facilitating the drainage of toxins. According to Pevonia's Jurist, scrubs also boost cellular mitosis, which promotes smoother, overall texture. "Mechanical exfoliants' massage action can stimulate blood fl ow and, to some degree, lymphatic fl ow," he says. Murchison notes that exfoliants are "a great source for improving penetration of other cellulite-managing agents." Rumbaugh recommends having clients exfoliate, and then immediately apply topicals rich in circulation-stimulating caffeine. "Coffee and green tea help to address water retention, and to liberate excess fat cells," she says. Heron agrees that many topical exfoliants and solu- tions should be applied via vigorous massage. "This helps penetrate product, increase blood circulation, and purge toxins and reduce excessive amounts of fl uid in cellulitic areas," she explains. Jan Heinrich, manager of Set-N-Me-Free, adds that exfoliating surface skin and deep-cleaning pores are important for the release of stored toxins from the body's hardened, fatty areas. "Make sure clients are using products with non-clogging, pure ingredients, and that rinse fully off the skin," she says. Recommended application: Use a high-quality, large-bead body scrub a few times a week, applied via lymph-benefi tting motions. Infl ammation Fighters G.M. Collin's national director of education, Karen Asquith, contends that infl amed, subcutaneous tissues are more likely to store fat. "We use lotus plant extract to stimulate the synthe- sis of the anti-infl ammatory molecule adiponectin," she says. "Along the same lines, we work with a glaucine-caffeine complex that helps to transform fat into fi broblast-like, fi rmed cells." Recommended application: Use anti-infl am ma- tories within topical formulas. Infrared Technology This therapy generates localized, vasodilation-promot- ing heat. Sustained warm temperatures can assist in stimulating further lipolysis, and, as Dr. Aaron Flick- stein, clinical director for FIT Bodywrap, notes, will also induce local sweating. "This helps to excrete toxins from those pockets below the skin's surface, where cellular waste gets trapped and manifests as cellu- lite—and thus contributes to the holistic, bottom-line approach to improving the condition," he says. Flickstein adds that infrared heat helps to rebuild the weakened connective tissue that leads to the ap- pearance of cellulite. "When collagen is rebuilt," he says, "cellulite visibility has been shown to decrease." Recommended application: Have clients spend time in an infrared sauna, or with a handheld infrared device, or within an infrared wrap—in conjunction with a multi-therapy approach that also includes diet and exercise. Infrared therapy should be sold in a series of treatments. Lymph Drainage "The root cause of cellulite is a result of impaired blood and lymphatic circulation," says Yon-Ka's To- masso, "because these systems play a primary role in the body's ability to detoxify and metabolize fat." The lymphatic system is comprised of a network of vessels running throughout the body, and it's closely entwined with the circulatory system, because it's responsible for creating a path for the fl uid that gets into body tissue to re-enter the body's blood fl ow. Lymph carries toxins and waste material, most of which are fi ltered by the liver and kidneys and even- tually eliminated through the urine. Stimulating the lymphatic system to drain more effi ciently thus helps to manage fl uid retention, and more effectively purges the body of toxins. "It's this accumulation of toxins, waste and excess water that makes cellulite noticeable," Murchison says. "Lymphatic stimulation promotes detoxifi cation and also encourages fi broblast activity—which can result in the creation of new collagen and elastin," DiSotto adds. Recommended application: Use in-spa devices and appropriate contouring wraps. Smooth Moves © GETTY IMAGES

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