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32 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 Smooth Moves Muscle Response Experts unilaterally rec- ommend exercise as a baseline cellulite manage- ment technique, because it stimulates circulation via vasodilation, spurs lym - phatic drainage and lipoly- sis and, of course, effects an old-fashioned fi rming of the area. "Tonicity of muscles and fi rmness of skin will make a big difference," asserts Murchison. Adds Jurist, "By itself, exercise may not be enough to improve cellulite, but in combina- tion with proper diet and other therapies, it can ex- pedite results." Recommended application: Cross-promote your spa with a gym, refer clients to trainers and, if possible, consider adding movement classes. Nutrition "Cellulite is stubborn," acknowledges M'lis' Jackson, "but nutrition and internal cleansing are crucial for ad- dressing it. The only way to permanently solve external beauty issues is to deal with what's going on inside the body." Jackson elaborates that because this uni- versal condition can stem from so many causes—toxin accumulation, fl uid retention, vascular changes, irregular hormones, stress, poor thyroid function, yo- yo dieting, certain drugs and cigarettes—achieving a baseline of optimal nutrition bodes well for long-term cellulite management. "To jump-start healthy circula- tion, lymphatic fl ow and toxin elimination, I recom- mend periodic detoxifying cleanses, a diet of whole, real foods, plenty of water intake, exercise and nutri- tional supplements." Recommended application: Partner with a nutri- tionist and/or nutriceuticals company that manufac- tures high-quality tissue-detoxifying supplements. Radio Frequency This therapy generates vasodilation action directly into localized areas. Jurist says radio frequency also "boosts thermal energy," which causes skin proteins like col- lagen to shorten, thus tightening the skin. "Addition- ally, the acceleration of local cell metabolism triggers lipolysis," Jurist says. Radio frequency involves the oscillation of electric and magnetic waves. Zep Hart, product sales specialist for Skin Act, explains that radio frequency used in con- junction with cavitation (the creation of small voids, or cavities, within the tissue) creates micro-bubbles of vapor within adiposities, and within the interstitial liquids of cellulite. "Thanks to the bubbles' expansion and compression, the adiposities implode, releasing water and fat, which can then be properly metabolized by the liver," she says. Recommended application: Use for in-spa thera- py and handheld devices. Ultrasound These high-frequency sound waves are capable of penetrating skin to produce heat within adipose and connective tissue layers. This is according to Dr. Mi- haela Ungur, scientifi c manager for Silhouet-Tone USA, who says this results in "mechanical frictions and local- ized temperature boosts that translate to improved re- gional circulation, the stimulation of fi broblast activity and collagen synthesis. "Ultrasound also triggers microscopic implosions, which can destroy subcutaneous fat cells," Ungur continues. "Once these adipose cell membranes are damaged, the fat is discharged into the interstitial liquid, where it's turned into protein and converted to fatty acids and glycerol. The fat moves to the liver and is ultimately removed from the body via lymphatic circulation. The water-soluble glycerol is transported to the circulatory system and used as energy." Recommended application: Employ ultrasound as part of in-spa treatments. Combine with lymphatic drainage and deep-tissue massage. Warming Methods Warming the body spurs vasodilation, and may offer potential for additional fat breakdown, but experts agree that results can be extremely slow. Murchison explains that warming the tissue causes hyperemia—a (safe) excess of blood in the vessels. "This helps to improve blood fl ow and nutrient exchange," she says, "which can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite." © GETTY IMAGES

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