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34 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 Smooth Moves Eriksen-Stanley likes to incorporate a self-heating clay into cellulite treatments that she says restores fat cells' ability to burn fat. "When fat cells become imbalanced, the cells will produce elevated levels of hy- drogen peroxide, and when adipocytes contain excess hydrogen peroxide, their ability to burn fat is inhibited," she explains. "Self-heating clay helps to convert this excess hydrogen peroxide to water and to energize the cells, thereby eliminating fl uid retention and activating enzymes that control the fat-burning process." Set-N-Me-Free's Heinrich points out that employing hot followed by cold temperatures is another way to increase circulation, which helps to purge cellulite- forming toxins. "I recommend applying creams con- taining heat ingredients, such as wintergreen oil, as well as cooling menthol agents," she says. Heron recommends using heat to further stimu- late the circulatory system within all in-spa cellulite treatments. "Raise the body's temperature, either through product ingredients or by using heating blankets in conjunction with thermal plastic and foil wraps," she suggests. Recommended application: Employ topicals with heat-generating ingredients, heating blankets and saunas. Wraps These body treatments create a controlled micro- environment conducive to increased local skin tempera- ture, vasodilation, lipolysis, penetration of actives, and detoxifi cation via perspiration. Wraps can reduce water retention, thereby lessening the appearance of cellulite. "Applying active ingredients to the skin in a layered fashion, then wrapping the client for a period of time, can help increase local fat cell metabolism, stimulate fat breakdown and deliver antioxidants to the skin," says Jurist. Sarfati recommends thalassotherapy, or seaweed wraps, because the algae is rich in amino acids and elec- trolytes, and the wraps' thermal effect induces sweat- ing, thus boosting detox efforts. "Thalassotherapy har- nesses seaweed extracts and essential oils like spearmint and peppermint to boost the blood fl ow, which leads to improved circulation," she says. "Adding co-enzyme A further helps to stimulate collagen production, mak- ing the skin thicker and stronger, and enabling fat cells to be broken down into smaller molecules and used as energy—rather than stored in the body." Heinrich swears by wraps infused with aloe vera. "It's a fantastic penetrating ingredient," she explains. "A hot wrap with aloe vera and herbs, followed by the client fl ushing the body with plenty of water, presents a great way to move cellulite toxins through the body." Recommended application: Provide in a series of three or more hour-long, in-spa body treatments. Katie O'Reilly is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based writer and editor. Next month in Smooth Moves: Part 2, we'll reveal the best ways to sell and market cellulite programs. Resources The following companies provide products, devices and/or education in cellulite control: • Allied Beauty Experts, • Apothederm, • Beautiful Image, • Bio Jouvance, • Bioslimming/Provence Cosmetics, • CA BOTANA, • FIT Bodywrap, fi • G.M. Collin, • Guinot, • M'lis, • Performance Health/Bon Vital', • Pevonia, • Phytomer, • Repêchage, • Satin Smooth, • Set-N-Me-Free, • Shira Esthetics, • Silhouet-Tone, • Skin Act, • Skin Care Consultants, • Sothys USA, • Yon-Ka Paris, © GETTY IMAGES

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