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38 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 PROFILE On an Even Keel Solid business strategies help an industry outsider triumph over bad economic times. By Heather Larson Five-star client engagement. A well-trained, happy staff. A rippling river view. These are just three of the elements that have helped Two Rivers Salon & Spa, located in the city of Eagle, Idaho, leave no stone unturned in its effort to navigate rocky fi nancial times and surface a winner. Real-estate developer Matt Baker opened Two Riv- ers with his then-wife Stephanie in 2000. At that time, Baker's familiarity with the spa industry was limited to the few professional massage treatments he'd re- ceived, and the euphoria he'd felt experiencing the en- ergy and environment so unique to spas. A 1998 visit to the upscale Bellagio Las Vegas Spa may have been the turning point for Baker, however, because that's when he decided it was time to start a business whose sole purpose was to make people feel good. Baker's fi rst attempt took place in a 1,400-square- foot space in another location in Eagle. It was 2000, and the city, set in Idaho's expansive and historical Trea- sure Valley, was experiencing rapid residential growth (it has since doubled in population to 21,000). This up- ward trend, coupled with Baker's desire to add a hair salon and more square footage to play with, encour- aged him to fi nd a larger facility. He'd had his eye on a spacious building situated just a few feet from the Boise River, so he made the leap. Two Rivers' present location opened in late 2002. As planned, Baker added a hair salon to the new space, which at that point occupied a total of 5,000 square feet. The combination of town growth and service ex- pansion proved a winning formula, with business in- creasing steadily each year. In 2010, Baker was able to expand the facility by another 2,500 square feet and bring his employee total to 67. PHOTOS COURTESY TWO RIVERS SALON & SPA

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