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58 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 The Deep Clean Use FreeInfo #26 For full-body, systemic detox, a mixture of freeze-dried seaweeds and clays can be applied to a client's en- tire body, before covering her with a heated blanket. Ascophyllum nodosum helps neutralize free-radical formation; red seaweed, rich in fl avonoids, helps boost circulation for a draining effect to eliminate toxins trapped in tissues; and Fucus vesiculosus is rich in a phyto- chemical called phytin. "Once the skin absorbs phytin, it activates the sweat glands to encourage perspiration," says Eriksen-Stanley. "Bentonite and montmorillonite clays have a layered structure that attracts toxins out, and seaweeds encourage their elimination from the tissues." Although detoxifying body wraps pri- marily work internally, they can also help assuage clients' cosmetic issues, such as the dreaded orange-peel skin. M'lis president M'Lisa Jackson explains that poor circulation contributes to vascular changes—over time, fl uid leaks from capillaries, causing edema and swelling. "Toxins, combined with poor circula- tion and edema, lead to cellulite," she says. "Nutrients normally transported by a healthy circulation system become sparse—and septa, the connective fi bers running through fat stores, become malnourished and lose their ability to be fl exible, causing a dimpled appearance." She recommends wraps with vitamin B3 (niacin), which increases capillary dila- tion for increased blood fl ow; enhances oxygenation of the dermis; helps rid the body of toxins; and acts as a carrier for improved penetration of vitamins and other micronutrients. Infrared heating is another effective detoxifying method, because the sweat produced during the service contains 15% to 20% (by volume) fat, choles- terol and their stored toxins—compared to just 3% to 5% of toxins in the sweat produced dur- ing exercise, according to Dr. Aaron Flickstein, clinical director of FIT Bodywrap. "The human body stores toxins in all cells," he ex- plains, "but fat cells store persistent organic pollut- ants (POPs) and heavy metals, the two types hardest for our kidneys and liver to remove." Full Steam Ahead Another heating technique designed to promote detoxing is steaming, a method championed by equipment company Steamy Wonder. As Kenny Zolo, sales and marketing for Natural Health Technologies, the manufacturer of the Steamy Wonder portable steam sauna, points out, this detoxing aid dates back thousands of years, when it was fi rst used by ayurvedic practitioners. "Up to 95% of illnesses and other Fat cells store persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals, the two types hardest for our kidneys and liver to remove. 1 . 8 0 0 . 5 6 2 . 5 3 7 7

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