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60 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 The Deep Clean Use FreeInfo #28 ailments are caused by stress," Zolo opines. "Detoxing the system helps keep it pure. People get sick less, they feel better and lighter, and their sleep is improved." Plus, he notes, the results can be boosted by applying organic oils, muds and herbs before the steam treat- ment. "When the pores open up, the herbs and clay are pulled deeper into the skin; it's like a magnet for drawing toxins out." Down the Drain Lymph drainage may be a side effect of body wraps, but both manual and device- driven services can target this need exclu- sively. Jackson explains that the lymphatic system, part of the circulatory system, is comprised of a network of vessels that runs throughout the body. We process an average of 20 liters of blood per day through capillary fi ltration. "Some of this fl uid is left behind in body tissue, so the primary function of the lymphatic system is to provide an accessory route for the excess fl uid, called lymph, which includes toxins," Jackson explains, in other words, eliminating harmful substances stimulates circulation and, therefore, the lymph. Eriksen-Stanley agrees that lymph drainage techniques help restore the body's ability to eliminate metabolic waste and toxicity from tissue. "When the lymphatic capillaries aren't stimu- lated enough to pick up toxins from the interstitial fluid, too much of this waste stays in the tissue—creating an acidic environment for our cells," she explains. "The tissues can become swollen and fibrous if lymph drainage slows for too long." Massage plays an important role in improving circulation and assisting detoxifi cation and oxygenation of the skin tissue, particularly when employed in conjunction with lymphatic drainage. This tandem approach works by stimu- lating circulation and sebaceous pro- duction, releasing toxins, hydrating by bringing nutrients to the surface layer of the skin, increasing lymphatic fl ow and easing muscle tension. Also falling under the "waste-removal umbrella", and popular among some detox fans, is colon hydrotherapy, which introduces water to the colon to fl ush out debris—some of which may have been ac- cumulating for years—while jumpstarting the digestive system. As well as weight loss, devotees report reduction in fatigue, headaches and joint infl ammation. Supplementary Angles Whether they want to shed a few pounds or kickstart a total lifestyle change, clients are increasingly turning to "cleanses"—includ- ing programs with juices, smoothies, teas, supplements and customized meal plans. Manufacturers are helping them achieve

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