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YOURWELLNESSSPA 68 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 Poses by DAYSPA yoga and wellness consultant Danielle Cuccio, RYT The pose: Downward Facing Dog (Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana) Skill level: Beginner "Downward Facing Dog builds upper-body strength; stretches the arms, legs and back; eliminates stiffness and back pain; and boosts circulation (the heart is above the head so it reverses blood flow). It's also known to be a great energizer! "Start by coming into a table-top position (your back as the top surface of the table), palms flat on the mat. Make sure hips are in line with knees and shoulders are in line with wrists. Start to straighten legs, taking heels toward the mat, and tailbone and hips toward the sky. Press palms against the mat, spreading all 10 fingers. Relax shoulders away from ears and press chest toward thighs. Holding this pose, take five deep breaths. Enjoy!" Danielle Cuccio is a Los Angeles-based yoga teacher, blogger (thebeauty and CEO of Cuccio Somatology ( For more yoga tips, follow her on Instagram at @daniellecuccio. YOGAFOCUS RIGHT: © GETTY IMAGES; LEFT: PHOTOGRAPHY BY KATHRYN PAGE The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has designated May as National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. This is a perfect time for skincare professionals to make sure they're up to date on the latest information about preventing this potentially deadly disease via UV protection, and educating clients as to the lifesaving ability of early detection. Test your "UV IQ" with these lesser-known facts, then visit to learn lots more! Did you know that… • UV-related damage to skin doesn't cease when the sun goes down. According to a team of Yale- led researchers, melanocytes that are damaged by exposure to UV light may then go on to cause additional damage—hours after UV exposure has ended. Because melanin also has shielding properties, it's now believed that the color-giving agent has both carcinogenic and protective effects. • A new study published in Experimental Dermatology points to licorice extract as a potential new hero in the fight against dangerous sun damage. Researchers irradiated skin cells pretreated with Licochalcone A—a main component and active found in Chinese licorice root—and were able to detect higher amounts of antioxidant molecules and fewer harmful radicals than were previously seen. The study seems to indicate that the ingredient works by strengthening the skin's own defense systems. • Odors from human skin cells may actually enable us to identify melanoma early enough to save lives, according to research from the Monell Center in Philadelphia. Currently, successful early detection depends on visual examinations, whose reliability varies. The key lies in VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which are associated with a number of cancers, as well as infections and genetic disorders. The practical application of this theory would require a reliable sensor device for diagnosis, but researchers believe that it's well within the realm of possibility. Skin Safety Updates HEALING NEWS "If we are creati rselves al l t he time, t h t is r t oo late t o be ati he bodies we t i stead of t h we mis ly assume we are st uck wit h." —DEEPAK CHOPRA

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