MAY 2015

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MARKETING SAVVY 86 DAYSPA | MAY 2015 spas offering cannabis-infused treat- ments. However, Alaska, Oregon and Washington states have also legalized the use of recreational marijuana and, in total, 23 states and the District of Columbia have so far passed laws le- galizing marijuana in some form. THINKING STRAIGHT Even though cannabis is one of the oldest plants used by humans me- dicinally (8,000-plus years), its crimi- nalization for more than 80 years in the U.S. has literally and fi guratively stunted its growth. Classifying can- nabis as a "Schedule 1 controlled substance" put it in the same cate- gory as heroin. According to McGro- arty, that means that even the plant's non-high-inducing delivery in beau- ty topicals hasn't been thoroughly investigated. "This plant's many uses have been 'buried' for decades, but with creeping legalization, state by state, new topical beauty and pain- reducing applications are starting to sprout like weeds," she says. "With more decriminalization on the hori- zon in more states, and a possible national legislative move in the next few years, the future for these prod- ucts seems bright." Marijuana dispensaries that look like day spas also contribute to the confusion, McGroarty says. Many of these venues even offer yoga classes, massages, chiroprac- tic treatments and more. Some dispensary attendants have been dubbed "budtenders." In other words, she adds, marijuana dispen- saries are using the "health and wellness halo" to try and change the image of the plant. Certainly, the novelty factor of cannabis treatments has helped the two aforementioned Colo- rado spas increase their business. Both have only been offering such services since 2014 and, by all accounts, their clients love it. Rich says his cannabis clientele has raised his rebooking rate sub- stantially, and McGroarty notes that both LoDo Massage & Private Yoga Studio and Primal Wellness Company Day Spa & Studio have tripled their business since adding the cannabis feature. Still, in much of the country, senti- ment about the legal use of marijua- na and its byproducts in any capacity is shaky or downright negative. The fact is that that type of treatment might alienate some clients at this stage. So, for most spa owners it's a "wait and watch" situation until the trend takes hold and it becomes time to "take the high road." Heather Larson is a freelance spa, travel and business writer based in Tacoma, Washington. Email or call 877-496-0038 to learn more about our introductory ofer. Spring is here, Summer is near! Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream helps smooth & frm troubled areas. Helps reduce the appearance of red and silver, new and old stretch marks Clinically proven results Patented SmartPeptide biotechnology TM TM R Data on fle. • Use FreeInfo #45

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