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ONE ON ONE WITH… 50 DAYSPA | JANUARY 2016 Philippe Hennessy President and CEO, Pevonia International T he word "driven" could easily apply to Philippe Hennessy. "When I was a child, it was a challenge to keep up with me. From the minute I awoke to the minute I went to sleep, I was always running," recalls the Frenchman. In school, Hennessy directed his energy toward studying engineering. Utimately, however, it was sales and marketing that "fascinated and moti- vated" him. He worked in sales for years, and his travels eventually led him to New York City, where he made his home, along with his wife, Sylvie (a biochemist) and their sons, Edmond and Olivier. Hennessy describes what happened next: "I'd been working as a distributor for another skincare brand, but the owners weren't interested in the all-natural botanical skincare line that Sylvie had developed. We believed so strongly in what she had created that we gave up our distributorship and I began selling Pevonia, going door to door to spas and salons every day. It worked!" There were, of course, challenges in building a company from the ground up. "We struggled in the early years, making diffi cult decisions on how to allocate our budget. Labor and real-estate costs in New York were extremely high," Hennessy explains. During an annual family vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Hennessys decided to relocate Pevonia to the sunny city, where the cost of doing business was much lower. "Our growth went through the roof," Hennessy says. The couple sold the company to an equity partner in 2008, but regained control in 2015. Today, they're as hands-on as ever, although Hennessy is keen to give credit where it's due. "We're supported by a superlative team of executives," he points out. "We've always been a team, pooling our resources and expertise. Our Pevonia family is one of our greatest assets." —Lesley McCave "Commit to your goal and concentrate all your efforts on it, day and night." To what do you attribute Pevonia's success? The quality of the brand and every product Sylvie has created. Also, Pevonia is backed by incomparable education, and sales and marketing resources, with personal attention to skincare professionals 24/7. The company turns 25 in 2016. What does this milestone mean to you? Honestly, it means another day at the offi ce or on a plane. Pevonia is our way of life. We give it all we have. We're grateful and so proud of our global Pevonia family. Why did you and Sylvie regain control of Pevonia last year? The company wasn't as vibrant and thriving during the time we were away. We didn't feel the same level of trust and security, and the strategy and direction of Pevonia weren't up to par with our passion and vision for the brand. This was less than favorable for our valued distributors and loyal spa partners, many of whom had been with us since the company was founded. What's in the cards for the next quarter-century? We never stop reinventing Pevonia. We're committed to a steadfast evolution to ensure we're on trend and in demand. We continue to earn awards and accolades, including, and most importantly to us, from the most demanding consumers: estheticians. Pevonia is recognized for product innovations—and we have many of those coming in 2016! What advice would you give your younger, just-starting- out self? Sylvie and I have always believed in focus and uncompromising quality. I'd say, commit to your goal and concentrate all your strength and efforts on it, day and night. When I've seen failure in this industry, it's usually due to a lack of commitment and clearly defi ned goal. Concentration is key. Who would you most like to meet? My son Olivier again some day in heaven. He passed away in 2012. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Sylvie and I are blessed with a wonderful family. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than spending time with our two darling little granddaughters. It doesn't matter what we do when we're together—every moment is precious. For an extended version of this Q&A, go to PLACE OF BIRTH: Guinea, Africa. My family moved back to Aix-en-Provence, France, when I was two weeks old. PERSONAL MANTRA: 'Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!' It's always the correct greeting somewhere! FAVORITE FILM: Gone with the Wind. It's set against the backdrop of the American Civil War. I'm an avid, lifelong history student! BEST CAREER DECISION: Regaining complete executive ownership of Pevonia in February last year. SYLVIE AND PHILIPPE HENNESSY FA S T FA C T S

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