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Page 73 of 107 72 DAYSPA | JANUARY 2016 HEALING NEWS YOURWELLNESSSPA the herb's natural ginsenosides— substances thought to impart immune-suppressive effects, such as the ability to control infl amma- tion—and saponins, chemical com- pounds that carry antioxidant, anti- aging and insulin-like capabilities. The National Institutes of Health categorizes Panax ginseng as pos- sibly effective for improving mental performance in people with Alzheimer's disease and aiding in the treat- ment of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual arousal issues and high blood pressure. Santa Barbara, California-based Abby Rappoport (, a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese medical qigong therapist and herbalist (and member of the American Herbalist Guild), agrees that ginseng is very effective for certain people. "It's a tonifying herb that can make you stronger—a good herb for building constitution," she says. Rappoport some- times prescribes Panax for clients with defi ciencies in their lung or spleen channels because it facilitates the fl ow of qi and calms the heart and lungs. This, in turn, can help ease palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia and anxiety. Even so, the practitioner is quick to emphasize, that doesn't mean Panax is always the go-to choice. "Someone might say, 'Hey, this gives me more energy and treats depression at the same time—what could be better?' and I have to tell them that just because it works for their cousin doesn't mean it's going to work for them. I offer 12 different remedies just for insomnia!" When would Rappoport steer clear of prescrib- ing Panax ginseng for a client? It's considered a warm herb and, therefore, would not be appropriate for someone who already carries an abundance of heat. "For example, I wouldn't give it to someone who has headaches, sweats easily, tends to get angry or is a woman who has heavy periods," Rappoport explains. "Also, I wouldn't give it to someone with a cold or fl u; the heat would probably make them worse." And anyone using the herb would have to steer clear of caffeine or other stimulants. In general, Rappoport feels that Panax ginseng tends to be overused. © GETTY IMAGES Give your customers a natural choice ! Brushes by Karen s Colorstrokes Cosmetics s 1.516.739.7788 A Full Private Label Line of Organic Cosmetics, Mineral Makeup and Cosmetic Brushes! Foundations | Lipstick | Lipgloss | Mascara Brow Powder | Liners | Cruelty Free Brushes and so much more!

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