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Page 89 of 107 PROFIT CENTER 88 DAYSPA | JANUARY 2016 are more likely to become clients who attend future classes, purchase treatment packages, cross over to more than one type of service, buy products and refer friends. Our workshop guests are among our most frequent, devoted clients," she notes. Workshop attendees are more inclined to try brand- new services too. "A spa client may not have ever used our hair salon, but after participating in our Blow Dry Boot Camp, she's more likely to think of us when it's time for her next salon visit," says Dubois. 5) STRENGTHEN COMMUNITY AND GOODWILL. Educational events can be effective, inexpensive ways to get your name and brand out to the community at large, and thereby expand your future customer base. They can help establish you as a trusted resource too. "Workshops increase a spa's visibility and credibility," opines Solomon. "They foster a friendly atmosphere that makes guests feel comfortable and open to receiving other treatments. They create a sense of community and synergy." Dellene partners with local plastic surgeons, chiro- practors and dermatologists, inviting them to lead classes at her facility. Many welcome the opportunity to promote their practices. The spa owner also offers 'Lunch & Learn' events with a local chef. "I teach a nutrition subject and the chef hosts a cooking class," she explains. To promote the events, the spa owner approaches local businesses and asks for permission to post fl yers. "It's a great way to forge relationships with wellness- minded professionals—health-food stores, yoga stu- dios and the like," she says. "Our classes and work- shops generate buzz and help establish our spa as an important gathering point in the wellness community." Don't dismiss the power of a freebie, either: Solomon frequently gives complimentary workshop tickets to specifi c local businesses, who pass them on to key clients. "Doing this brings us a targeted audience, helps us fi ll seats and provides goodwill to both the attendees who received the gift and the referral partner," says the spa owner. "For instance, a business coach recently sent six people to one of our nutrition events. They loved receiving free tickets, and had a great time at the event." As a result, says Solomon, "We're not even four years old, yet everywhere we go in the community, people have heard of our spa, and that's because of our classes." Maryann Hammers is a writer specializing in health, spa and travel topics. She lives in Southern California.

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