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32 DAYSPA | APRIL 2016 Several years ago, there was a lot of speculation surrounding the term "natural". "Back then, as long as the product's ingredients came out of the ground, it was believed to be 'natural.' People didn't consider what had been done to the earth that those ingredients grew from," explains Pergar. "The bottom line is that almost nothing is really 100% organic," Pergar continues, refer- ring to the preservatives and man- made ingredients added to extend shelf life. Current USDA regulations will allow products that contain at least 95% organic ingredients to be deemed Certifi ed Organic. "The remaining 5% must be on an approved list," explains Nezaria. "Look at the label and verify that the USDA logo and certifi er in formation is on the bottle, because both are required to be displayed," he says. The most basic, and arguably most important, distinction is be- tween a Certifi ed Organic ingre- dient and a Certifi ed Organic product. Both exist, but the differ- ence between them is signifi cant. "If organic ingredients are used along with non-organic ingredi- ents, then the product itself cannot be regarded as Certifi ed Organic," says LaBree. Remember that just because some ingredients are or- ganic, that doesn't mean all are. "A product made with a combination of organic extracts could easily con- tain synthetic preservatives or dyes," says Hickman. Look for whether the product's fragrance or perfume is synthetic or composed of organic essential oils." It's worth noting that the word "or ganic" can only be used on a prod uct if none of the plant sources are genetically modifi ed. "When a product is labeled '100% organic', 'organic', or just 'made with organic ingredients', even its non-organic in- gredients cannot be produced from GMOs," clarifi es Rodolfo Ugelstad, scientifi c director for CA BOTANA. "These types of products only require 70% of the ingredients to be organic, but 100% must be non-GMO." The bottom line? If organic ingre- dients and products are important to your spa's brand or your clients, ask questions to make sure that the brands you're trusting are actually worthy of your trust. "Educate your- self," emphasizes Pergar. "Be a smart esthetician: know your science, take the extra classes and absorb the additional knowledge. It's easier if you know you're doing your job in the best way possible." Rachel Kossman is DAYSPA's associate editor. Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment Data on fle. Email or call 877-496-0038 to learn more about our introductory ofer. t"JOQSPCMFNTPMWFSUIBUIFMQTöHIUCMFNJTIFT QSFWFOUGVUVSFCSFBLPVUT t1BUFOUFE0MJHPQFQUJEFXPSLTUPHFUIFSXJUI4BMJDZMJD "DJEUPUBSHFUFYJTUJOHCMFNJTIFTIFMQXJUITFCVN control. t(FOUMFGBTUBCTPSCJOHGPSNVMBUJPOLFFQTTLJOCBMBODFE t$MJOJDBMMZQSPWFO t%FSNBUPMPHJTUUFTUFE Results your clients will love! April Ofer: Buy 3 Acne Get 3 Ofer ends 4/30/16 continued from page 26

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