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SPOTLIGHT ON... 34 DAYSPA | APRIL 2016 Product Recycling Practices These spas and manufacturers are helping save the planet—one box at a time. By Lesley McCave "If clients bring in a skincare item that's less than half full, we place it in our hazardous waste disposal unit, or compost anything that's recyclable. In return, we offer them $5 off any product they buy from us. We're making our corner of the earth a little bit cleaner!" —Sheila Armen, co-owner, Strong House Spa, Quechee, Vermont e "Our refi ll program has been a hit since we introduced it four years ago. Clients send us their empty product containers, which we refi ll and ship back to them for a fee of $ 11. They love that they're helping to cut down on environmental waste—they feel good about it." —Stephanie Scott, spa director, Crystal Spa, Thompsonville, Michigan © GETTY IMAGES "The glass that we use for many of our product bottles is reusable and recyclable. Some of our partner spas repurpose their Sweet Cream Body Milk glass cruet jars as fl ower vases or as receptacles for pens at their front desks." —Shannon McLinden, president and founder, FarmHouse Fresh "I look for simple product packaging. All those bells and whistles tell me nothing except that resources are being wasted. I try to buy in bulk and transfer product to containers. I carpool to as many events as possible. I just fi gure out ways to embody the principle of leaving no carbon footprint." —Randi Ragan, owner, GreenBliss EcoSpa, Los Angeles "We strive to use pro-planet packaging. Our PET bottles are completely recyclable and our wellness treatments require minimal space in landfi lls. We're concerned about the footprint that we're all leaving behind, which will lead to a serious shortage of clean water for future generations." —Leslie Wooldridge, global marketing manager, Malibu C "We use only 100% recycled, recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging. Plus, our offi ce and warehouse in Indianapolis employ paperless communication practices, marketing materials made of recycled paper and vegetable-based ink, biodegradable cleaning products and a water-fi lter system to avoid the need for plastic bottles." —Szilvia Hickman, owner, Szép Élet, exclusive distributor of Ilike Organic Skin Care "Most of our product packaging is recyclable, including the 5ml ampoules in our treatment packs. And the packing peanuts used in our shipments are biodegradable and dissolve in water to prevent wildlife from eating them." —Adam Martin, general manager, Echo 2 Plus o "We make many efforts to be eco-friendly: in addition to sourcing our seaweed from government-regulated waters off the Brittany Coast and areas of Maine where seaweed is sustainably harvested, our packaging—and the majority of our product containers—are made of recyclable materials, which can and should be recycled upon disposal." —Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder, Repêchage

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