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PSYCHOLOGICAL SCENTS Quite simply, fl owers make us feel more connected to our home planet. "A fl ower's power lies in the beauty of its petal design, its color and its unique scent," says Kim Lee, corporate sales educator for Pevonia Inter- national. "Flowers are grounded in the earth, and synthesized by the sun's energy." This also speaks to what is often the single most important factor in selecting a skincare product: its smell. Once sensed, it sets off a chain of reactions. "The olfactory nerve, reached directly through the nose, serves as the only 'open gate' to the brain, which controls heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels and hormone balance," Lee explains. "This, in turn, triggers emotional and physi- cal reactions. Sometimes a client can't even explain why she's drawn to a particular scent." This may be because the scents of fl owers and their essential oils affect the part of the brain referred to as limbic, which is where memories are formed. And, sometimes, the associated people and events are so distant that the limbic brain picks up on what the conscious mind doesn't. "It's emotional recall," affi rms SpaRitual founder Shel Pink. "Certain scents elicit very strong memories." Therefore, if the memory is positive, we will be drawn to that scent and benefi t from it. "Smelling fl owers can trigger positive long-term emotions and thus elevate mood, reduce stress, and promote sleep and relaxation," says Tomasso. And don't we all know it, notes Tricia Behmardi, director of education for Jane Iredale. Catch the Bouquet 40 DAYSPA | APRIL 2016 CORNFLOWER © GETTY IMAGES LINDEN Hope Blooms Eternal Karen Asquith, national director of education for G.M. Collin, notes that clients typically prefer fl orals for one of two reasons: "One, they simply adore certain scents, or two, they feel that fl oral and plant extracts are safer to use." Indeed, fl oral ingredients are a key part of the surging organic movement. In response, conscientious manufacturers are harvesting their ingredients in ways that would make Mother Nature proud. This starts with some basic rules, such as making sure that fl orals aren't sourced from endangered plants, and ensuring that the manufacturing process doesn't harm the environment. Harvesting fl oral ingredients in a safe and responsible manner not only protects the environment, it also preserves the integrity of the fl oral extracts themselves. "We use an Earth- and plant-friendly CO 2 method that guarantees maximum potency of the extract without any alterations, modifi cations or added toxicity," notes Kim Lee, corporate sales educator for Pevonia International. SpaRitual founder Shel Pink reminds us that the easiest way to ensure sustainability is to source only organic botanicals. "Organic farmers have to follow USDA guidelines," states Pink, whose company sources Fair Trade ingredients whenever available. After all, responsible harvesting also includes ethical treatment of the growers themselves, points out Liz Beresford, CEO of Ÿum Gourmet Skincare. "Whenever possible, we buy from wildcrafted or organic sources," she adds. Biodynamic farming methods allow Jurlique's farmers to benefi t from lunar cycles, which many believe affects soil's fertility, and to grow vibrant and healthy botanical ingredients. "We also rely on farming that's free from artifi cial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides," says the company's educational manager, Sara LaBree. M'lis, which also sources plants from chosen organic farms, relies on a natural drying process. "Raw fl owers, plants and seeds are washed and dried below 78 degrees, then they're ground," explains M'lisa Jackson, president of M'lis. "We make a point to use all ingredients within one year. And we never irradiate anything." GLOBE DAISY

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