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44 DAYSPA | APRIL 2016 capable of conditioning and healing the skin. Behmardi cites sunfl ower seed oil, which is valued for its high vitamin E content. Keep in mind that even if a prod- uct's label reads like a horticultural glossary, this doesn't mean it will deliver the expected fl oral proper- ties. As with every purchasing deci- sion, the caveat is "buyer beware." It's essential to work with formula- tors who have a proven track record in optimizing ingredients, says Liz Beresford, CEO of Ÿum Gourmet Skincare. "Our favorite suppliers harness the chemical composition of fl orals, and maintain their soothing, anti-infl ammatory and pro tective properties in ways that preserve op- timal moisture levels," she says. A BLOSSOMING CONNECTION Clearly, fl oral ingredients are a boon to our bodies, minds and, yes, spir- its. But how do you emphasize this point to guests in a way that enables you to grow your profi ts? Asquith suggests promoting a "fl oral facial" or "blossom body" treatment. "You could also post a 'Did You Know?' fact sheet describing the amazing attributes of the fl oral ingredients you use," she adds. It's crucial for customers to be able to experience the aromatic blooms used in your treatments. "If possible, purchase some fresh fl owers to include with product dis- plays," Tomasso suggests. "Another option is to diffuse essential oils of some of the fl owers you use." Austin is a proponent of attractive posters and signage depicting the featured fl owers in their natural habitats. "This has a transporting effect, and is a great way to entice clients," she says. It's important to appeal to clients' smarts as well as their senses by educating them on the features and benefi ts of fl oral products. "Howev- er, we understand that spa staff are busy and don't always have time to share their knowledge," says Beres- ford, "so make use of shelf talkers designed to highlight fl oral ingredi- ents' benefi ts to skin." And, of course, the name of the game is engagement. "Encourage spa clients to enjoy a truly sensory ex perience with your fl oral prod- ucts," says Lee. "Urge guests to feel them and to smell their delicate aromas." This means providing plenty of sampling opportunities both on-site and in take-home pack- ets that will pro long and strengthen your clients' in-spa connection with nature's most delicate yet potent force: fl ower power. Katie O'Reilly is a Wilmington, North Carolina-based writer and editor. Catch the Bouquet

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