APR 2016

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CannaXion (pronounced "can-ex-eon") is a groundbreaking anti-aging skincare line made from a proprietary blend of Concentrated Hemp Extracts called "CHE". Unlike other anti-aging skincare products, CannaXion was developed by chemists and scientists at an FDA approved cGMP laboratory. By combining nature's f nest organic ingredients with real science, CannaXion succeeds where so many others have failed. CannaXion's impact on the skin is revolutionary. Call 949-929-6616 to f nd out more! CannaXion (pronounced " can-ex-eon") is a g roundbre ak i n g anti-a g in g s k incare l ine ma d e f rom a proprietar y bl en d o f Concentrated Hem p Extracts called " CHE ". Unbelievable margins for our retail partners! Retail territories still available. email: BECOME A RETAIL PARTNER TODAY s ki ncare as d eve l o p e d s ts at an FDA t or y. f nest o rg ani c ence, h ere so . t h e s k in 1 6 o r a i lable. o m T AIL AY

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