APR 2016

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MARKETING SAVVY 66 DAYSPA | APRIL 2016 Don't Be Cruel When it comes to marketing your spa's cruelty-free stance, softly does it. By Kevin Mathews The green movement has taken hold of the business world, and it's no secret why. Environmen- talism isn't just a responsible business practice, it's also a must for consumers who want to spend their money in ways that don't compromise the health of the earth. In recent years, we've seen public concern for our planet's welfare expand to include living crea- tures as well. As a spa owner, you may have noticed your clients starting to ask questions about the ingre- dients and sources behind the products you use, and whether they're certifi ed as cruelty-free. According to a 2012 survey, 75% of women said they would be more interested in a product with a cruelty-free label, but only 37% of re- spondents said they actually use primarily cruelty-free products. Clearly, there's a large market share up for grabs, provided spa owners know how to bring home the message. DAYSPA spoke to company and spa owners for tips and advice on embracing and market- ing the cruelty-free movement. ANIMAL AGENDAS SpaRitual has striven to be cruelty-free since its incep- tion. Founded by Shel Pink in 2004, the California- based vegan nail- and bodycare company avoids both animal testing and the use of animal byproducts. Pink says she launched the company not just to make a profi t, but to raise social awareness. "We were ahead of the game when we started," she points out. "At that time, consumers weren't as conscious about be- ing cruelty-free and it was only a priority or value to a small group of people." Over the past decade, how- ever, Pink has seen SpaRitual's commitment to cruelty- free evolve from a personal interest to a sales asset—a feature that customers are deliberately searching for. Trisha Star has witnessed a similar shift. The styl- ist owns Starship Salon, a 100% cruelty-free business in Chicago. Thanks to her knowledge of and passion for quality, ethically developed products, Star has man- aged to convert clients who might not otherwise have given it much thought into cruelty-free devotees. © GETTY IMAGES

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