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MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP 72 DAYSPA | APRIL 2016 Modern HR Strategies That Break the Rules We all know that human nature can't be changed. But human behavior? That's another story. By Chris Delker Just like the sun dependably rising in the east and setting in the west, the basics of what makes humans tick have remained unchanged over millennia. But that doesn't mean the best approaches to managing hu- mans haven't evolved over time. And for businesspeople whose livelihood depends on proper people manage- ment, understanding modern HR approaches is critical. Although some obvious tenets of HR manage- ment—such as treating employees fairly—remain un- touched by the changing tides of technological and societal evolution; other aspects are in constant fl ux. Progressive, profi table business stewardship requires recognizing that changes are occurring—and modify- ing management processes and techniques accordingly. But it doesn't end there: wise are the HR managers who realize that, to truly succeed in business, they need a continual and multifaceted approach to hiring. When it comes to effective HR practices, lagging behind the times is more likely to be an issue with privately owned spas than with corporate or hotel spas. Zahira Coll-Buell, former VP of operations for AgoVitas, a consulting and management services fi rm, and current group HR director for Belmont Resorts Ltd. in Saint Kitts, explains why. "When you have a business with one manager or owner trying to wear all the hats, HR management tends to be placed on the back burner," she says. Unfortunately, leaving it there is how many spa owners end up being badly burned by poor staff retention, stagnating employee skills and gaps in their workforce numbers. Fortunately, you can end or avoid this grim scenario. Read on for some expert, old-versus-new tips and ad- vice that will put you on top of the HR game in 2016— and beyond. © GETTY IMAGES

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