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74 DAYSPA | APRIL 2016 MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP The foundational bedrock of any business, and criti- cal to its success, is getting the right people in place. In fact, Coll-Buell contends that recruitment might be the single most important aspect of HR management. "Building a great team requires fi nding the most tal- ented individuals, and spa owners should make it a priority to become great at recruiting," she says. In the past, an ad in the local paper, fl yers at mas- sage and cosmetology schools, and word of mouth were suffi cient for fi nding spa employees. Now, re- ports Coll-Buell, a more comprehensive approach is required—ideally, one that involves multiple methods used simultaneously. Her suggestions? Spread your recruitment message on social media channels and industry-specifi c websites, as well as via career fairs and trade schools. After all, that's how many of today's top contenders—seeking employment opportunities in less-conventional ways—will fi nd you. Once your staff is in place, the hard work is fi nished, right? Wrong. According to Dori Soukup, founder and CEO of spa consulting fi rm InSPAration Management, modern times call for a more proactive—and pro- longed—approach to recruiting. "Finding people who want to work, take owner- ship and contribute as team members is one of the big gest challenges for any business," Soukup notes. "And yet spa owners consistently make the mistake of waiting until they need help, then turning the hiring process into a knee-jerk reaction to that need." Instead, the industry veteran recommends that spa owners maintain an ongoing search. "You should have a recruiting system in place, and be recruiting all the time. Then when there are positions to fi ll, you already have a fi eld of qualifi ed candidates from which to choose." Developing this recruitment "pool" of top-notch workers takes time, but there are ways to do it. Soukup recommends that you "grow" your own candidates, so to speak, by building relationships with potential employees before they've even considered entering the spa world. Participating at recruitment events in your local area, such as high school job fairs, is one option. "It brings together a lot of people so you can evaluate them all at once," she says. "You get to see how they dress, how they behave toward each other and whether they come prepared with their resumes. The diamonds will always shine at these events, so it's a great way to do some quick recruiting." © GETTY IMAGES

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