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Page 71 of 124 | SEPTEMBER 2016 69 a counter-irritant and a mild expec- torant, notes Cafaro. She adds, "It's offi cially recognized by the Chinese Pharmacopeia as an agent to soothe nerve pain, and the Ayurveda Phar- macopoeia recommends its topical applications for headaches and colds. In Germany, eucalyptus tea is a common prescription for bronchi- tis and throat infl ammation, and in the U.S. it's often used in deconges- tant lozenges and syrups, and as an inhalant in vapor baths." According to L'Heureux, eucalyp- tus remedies colds and respiratory issues by working on the nerve receptors of the nose and sinus pathways to release mucus. She adds, "Eucalyptus is also used as an antihyper tensive and calming natu- ral sedative, and some say its scent can even curb food cravings!" Man- ley emphasizes the aromatic uses of eucalyptus. The scent, she says, is known to "increase energy, purify the body and balance emotions." Breanne Kallonen, a Toronto-based naturopath, warns that when im- properly used internally or externally, eucalyptus can be dangerous or even fatal. "Pure eucalyptus oil can cause drowsiness, severe diarrhea, changes in pulse rate, irregular breathing, con- stricted pupils, hypertension, com- promised kidney function, coma and even death," she cautions. "Before adding eucalyptus oil to products or treatment protocols, always consult a doctor who is trained in botanical medicine." It's also a good idea to ensure that any purchased eucalyptus is organically sourced, to ensure that what you— and your clients—inhale and apply is free of pesticides or herbicides. Eucalyptus was named Eucalyptus obliqua from the Greek roots "eu," meaning "well;" "calyptos," meaning "covered;" and the Greek word "obliquus," meaning "oblique." The name is meant to describe the unique covering protecting the plant's reproductive system and the asymmetrical growth of its leaves. © GETTY IMAGES Build Profits and Client Business For more information or to place an order call 877-496-0038 or email Introducing Firming Neck Cream from Apothederm Skin Care *Data on file. R Follow us @apothederm Apothederm Firming Neck Cream ,ĞůƉĮƌŵĂŐŝŶŐƐŬŝŶ ZĞĚƵĐĞƚŚĞĂƉƉĞĂƌĂŶĐĞŽĨĮŶĞůŝŶĞƐ ΘǁƌŝŶŬůĞƐ DŽŝƐƚƵƌŝnjĞƐŬŝŶ &ŽƌĂůůƐŬŝŶƚLJƉĞƐŝŶĐůƵĚŝŶŐŵĂƚƵƌĞ er m F irm ing Neck Cre am

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