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Page 72 of 124 70 DAYSPA | SEPTEMBER 2016 YOURWELLNESSSPA HERBAL HEALTH EPIC EUCALYPTUS Hardy and fast-growing, eucalyptus trees have been both a blessing and a problem. Currently in California, where eucalyptus was intro- duced by the Australians during the Gold Rush of 1850, the ubiquitous Tasmanian bluegum eucalyptus (E. globulus) is earmarked for reduction by the State's Parks Department for its tendency to displace native spe- cies. "The tree has become quite pervasive," says L'Heureux. "If they're burned out or cut down, they just re-sprout." Eucalyptus is typically fostered to grow large trunks and low, easy-to- cut branches. "Well-cultivated trees and bushes can yield 100 pounds of leaves per year," reports L'Heureux. "One acre can produce up to 35,000 pounds of leaf material, yielding up to 800 pounds of eucalyp- tus oil!" Although their size and growth patterns will prevent most day spa owners from growing and harvesting their own eucalyptus, they do have their place; it just needs to be a large one. "Depending on the size of a destination or hotel spa's grounds, eucalyptus could be a nice landscaping choice," posits L'Heureux, adding that the beautiful trees also create a nice habitat for birds. Katie O'Reilly is an Oakland, California-based writer and editor. The content of this article is not intended to be a substitute for pro fessional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Contraindications and restrictions exist with the use of any wellness discipline. Always make sure to consult a qualifi ed, professional practitioner for information, treat ment and advice. Practical Applications Whether it's diffused for aromatherapy, added to a massage oil to address aches and pains, blended in sugar and salt scrubs, or simply rubbed across the chest to help relieve decongestion, eucalyptus is a popular, gender- neutral choice for spa clients. But there may be some uses you haven't considered. Here are a few lesser-known ideas: • Let the properties of the plant roam the air. "Place bowls of eucalyptus leaves in your treatment rooms for purifi cation." —Kim Manley, founder and creator of Kim Manley Herbals • Integrate into anti-infl ammatory and antibacterial skin care. "Mix eucalyptus oil with equal parts peppermint oil and white vinegar, and apply to acneic skin."—Katharine L'Heureux, founder and CEO of skincare company Kahina Giving Beauty • Add a few leaves to soaking tub water. "It relieves the pain of sprains, strains and muscle tension, and increases circulation to a given area." —Breanne Kallonen, Toronto-based naturopath • Hang several branches in a shower or steam room. "The scent is uplifting and stimulating and, therefore, stress-relieving."—Joelle Cafaro, DC, CCN, herbalist and owner of Heal 4 Real Once your clients see all of the amazing healing properties of eucalyptus preparations, make them available to bring home. Consider retailing eucalyptus-based sinus oils, chest balms, bath salts and room fresheners. For more information Call 1-877-715-2466 BiON's Pumpkin Enzyme Mask contains pumpkin puree, extract and enzyme with dozens of beneficial nutrients which help reverse the signs of aging as well as hydrate the skin. Bi ON ON 's ' Pum pk in Exfoliate with the power of pumpkin.

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