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RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Instagram is currently the best social media app for en- gagement—by far. A 2014 study by Forrester Research looked at the ratio of interactions to total brand posts across seven major social networks, and found Insta- gram's engagement ratio to be 60 times greater than Facebook's, and 140 times greater than Twitter's. "Lik- ing" an Instagram photo takes very little time or effort, and the platform's newsfeed is simple and stream- lined, as opposed to the clutter of a Facebook feed. This makes it easy for your followers to simply tap your photo and like it. In other words, Instagram followers aren't just passively viewing, they're engaging by liking your photos, leaving comments and getting to know you as a business. As Instagram has such high engagement, it can be a great tool to point followers toward your other accounts as well: You can promote your Twitter and Facebook accounts by posting them as an Instagram caption once a month. Consider following beauty trendsetters or other lo- cal businesses in your area, and make sure to engage by liking and commenting on their photos. One major perk of Instagram is that you can follow other users and connect with them easily. This will get your spa's name in front of more people and hopefully lead to more Instagram followers for you as well. Lloria Ross, manager at AQUA Spa in Duck, North Carolina, joined Instagram "because it has such a large and diverse database of users worldwide, and could be used as a free marketing tool for our spa," she says. "We also chose it because of its widespread utilization of hashtags, which increase the chance of potential clients fi nding our business." A popular hashtag that AQUA utilizes is #spalife: If someone clicks on any image with this tag, they're able to see AQUA's posts—and anyone else's— that use the hashtag. "We hashtag any words re- lated to the post in an effort to show users what we have to offer—while also intriguing them enough to visit the spa," Ross explains. For more useful hastags, see below. EMOTIONAL REACTION On any social media platform, the best way to gain followers is by posting compelling content. What do you want followers to think and feel when they see your Instagram posts? "We want clients to see our pictures and imme- diately feel that they should be relaxing with a treat- ment at our spa," Ross says, adding that that's one of the reasons she focuses on Instagram: Images are more evocative. "Because many people are drawn to visual stimulation versus reading long articles, we use Instagram to post photos of our beautiful facilities, our view, tantalizing promotional setups, etc." Take time to consider your spa's most visualy appeal- ing aspects. For AQUA, waterfront vistas are a strong emphasis. "When it's a beautiful day on the water, we make a point of posting a picture of the view from our pedicure chairs," says Ross. And if it's a gray day? "We'll post a spa picture that reminds viewers it's the perfect time for an indoor treatment," she says. Wherever your spa is situated, beautiful, polished and professional-looking photos can be achieved by making use of Instagram's fi lters and lighting tools. The platform makes it incredibly easy to brighten or darken images, change their color (to black and white, for example), or blur or sharpen them. What used to require Photoshop can now be done with a few taps of your fi nger. A word of caution: When posting photos to Instagram, make sure to keep a consistent "look" 76 DAYSPA | SEPTEMBER 2016 PLUGGED IN #girlsday #spaselfi e #hairinspo #manicuremonday #spoilyourself #nailart #beforeandafter #pedicure #relax #spaday #spalife #treatyourself #motivationmonday #weddinghair Handy Hashtags An effective hashtag is short, to the point and fun. Some examples:

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