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ADVERTORIAL 88 DAYSPA | SEPTEMBER 2016 1 For the ideal synergy, select a brand partner that is in line with your spa's identity and mission. This will ensure you can easily put together a great marketing plan that will resonate with your clients/guests. 2 Ask for a detailed proposal of what will be offered should you bring in the brand. Offerings should include a dedicated account executive and a strong team readiness program. A strategic launch plan as well as ongoing support programs to help engage your team and clients and build your skincare business are crucial. 3 Ensure the brand partner offers a full spectrum of result- driven spa treatments and corresponding retail product offerings to deliver elevated guest satisfaction and facilitate future growth/expansion. Consumers are always seeking newness, so position your business for success! 4 Seek out a company with a strong and reputable track record of supporting spas of your category and scale. Choose wisely! Your business will be affected by lack of service, poor educational support, back orders and any brand's inability to deliver what was promised. 5 Keep top trends in mind when making your final decision. Is the brand partner offering the latest in-demand innovations? As a go-to-source for all things SPA, your business cannot afford to stay out of touch with consumer demands. Your ideal brand partner should make it very easy for you to market multiculturally, and to all generations. This includes providing ready-to-use tools that save you thousands a year. If you are ready to increase profits, foot traffic, and client loyalty, contact Pevonia today to discover our aggressive revenue generation program! Standing by spas for 25 years, Pevonia's support is proven, measurable and impacts revenue by 25%+! Seeking Skincare Vendor for Enhanced Success? By Maritza Rodriguez,Global VP of Marketing & Communications, Pevonia International Selecting a skincare vendor is an important process. The right brand partner should serve as an extension of your team to help you meet your business goals. Here are some tips to help simplify the process: 800.738.6642 Founded in 2000 by Ottmar Stubler, an esthetician and salon owner from San Francisco. He currently runs the company with his wife, Jacqueline. In 2000 they launched one product, the namesake PFB Vanish . Ottmar's proprietary formula was so effective at eliminating ingrown hairs that it immediately developed a cult-like following. Many men and women with darker skin tones suffer from dark spots as a result of the ingrown hairs remaining after hair removal. In 2008, Ottmar responded by creating Chromabright, a trademarked ingredient that eliminates dark spots in 6 to 8 weeks. He combined it with his original formula and launched P FB Vanish with Chromabright. A few years later, Ottmar wanted to offer his clients a botanical version of the product that would be ideal for soothing skin immediately after hair removal (shaving, waxing, sugaring and laser). He created Man Mask and Bikini Mask, two botanically rich lotions that cool, calm and nourish the skin, and contain the effective ingredients of the original PFB Vanish to help fight ingrown hairs. Drawing from his extensive skincare experience, Ottmar knew that Chromabright, the lightening agent he created, could be used to help eliminate dark spots on the face and body resulting from factors other than ingrown hairs. He created Liquid Luffa Scrub and Lumen8 Lotion [with Chromabright]. These rich, botanical products offer clients a mechanical exfoliation scrub as well as a nourishing, skin lightening lotion and can be used together or independently. In order to educate spa partners and customers, Ottmar has committed to a strong digital media presence, using blogging, Instagram and Facebook along with informational newsletters to provide up-to-date product information as well as some fun glimpses behind the scenes at PFB . You can easily connect with platforms through links on the website .

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