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[ 32 ] • DAYSPA • october 2016 words from the wise increasingly seeing prebiotics—which feed our good bacteria and counter infl ammation from products that wipe out all bacteria—in skin care. MCGROARTY: It's all about beauty from the inside out—superfoods, supplements, juicing, meditation—and clean beauty, i.e., nontoxic products. People don't want to put anything on their body that they wouldn't eat. What's the biggest challenge faced by spas as we head into 2017? SHAW: A major issue is being able to attract highly trained and sophisticated staff ers who embrace the lifestyles that support their professional advice. MCGROARTY: We're in the 'gig economy,' the 'Uber economy'—spa owners don't always realize their therapists' careers are much bigger than just working at their spa. STARR: Everyone has two or three jobs, and it's becoming diffi cult to staff up on a consistent basis. We're seeing even high- quality therapists and managers cycle through in a matter of months. MCCARTHY: 'Wellness everywhere' is a worldwide macro-trend that's bringing other industries into the wellness realm. Hospitals, hotels and airports are all becoming more spa-like, meaning that spas have to maintain their head start and continue to diff erentiate themselves. SHAW: Also, love it or hate it, we're in the #Selfi eGeneration. As a result, beauty trends are instantaneously crisscrossing the world, so we have to make sure we stay on top of them. Today's spa-goers are extremely savvy! NOONEY: Competing with medical establishments. You want to off er the latest services and technologies, but have to be careful about what your license allows—it's not always clear-cut. SOUKUP: Guidelines as to who can perform which treatments are vague and vary from state to state. In some locations an esthetician can give injections, but in others, it needs to be a medical director. Physicians are opening medical spas, so day spas need to be careful because these doctors have the money to invest in marketing and innovative technologies. NOONEY: Retail is another challenge, because products are widely available online. We've had to off er free shipping and return options, and increasingly competitive pricing. I recommend retailing private-label products—clients think they can't go anywhere else for them! How will the internet and social media play into 2017 spa operations? MCCARTHY: Many spas pride themselves on being 'high touch' rather than 'high tech,' but we have to engage our guests using social media and online booking capabilities or we'll lose relevance. STARR: Eight out of ten consumers check online reviews before making an appointment or purchase, so it's important to budget for a sales and marketing person who can post on social media, monitor and respond to reviews, update your website and handle e-blasts. MCGROARTY: Now that everything's moving so fast, day spas are using mobile marketing apps to locate people and send out deals in real time. To fi ll massage tables, you can send a push notifi cation: Come in the next two hours for 35% off ! SHAW: Online booking and mobile apps mean guests will leave digital footprints, aff ording spas enhanced data for targeted promotions and individualized messaging. NOONEY: Social media takes time, but it helps us determine what clients want to see, keeps them connected to us and allows us to stay ahead of our competition! It's crucial to target various demographics—Facebook for the 35-65 set and Instagram for younger people. But you have to send an email blast or a direct-mail postcard once in a while, put up signage and invest in some traditional advertising too; studies have shown that consumers have to see a message in three spaces before it even registers. SOUKUP: You can't put all your eggs in the social media basket. Nowadays, videos bring tremendous exposure—and text message marketing is key too! ONGOING CHALLENGES • Optimum Staffi ng • Evolving Technology • Competitive Retailing © GETTY IMAGES "We're in the 'gig economy,' —spa owners don't realize their therapists' careers are bigger than just working at their spa."

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