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[ 76 ] • DAYSPA • october 2016 Produce Videos of Value Camera shy? It's worth overcoming. Statistics prove that videos persuade customers to buy. According to Hubspot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, adding video to an email can yield a 200%-300% increase in click-through rates. In fact, 92% of mobile video consumers share the content they're watching, meaning free marketing and a bankable return on investment for your spa. Although creating videos requires organizational and time management skills, the payback is priceless. Tiff any Amorosino, co-owner and CEO of Bella Santé Spa in Boston, wanted to produce a video explaining the spa's SkinCeuticals Skin Scope machine. She completed a practice run and wrote out talking points prior to shooting, which made fi lming faster and more cost eff ective. They posted the video on their YouTube channel and social media pages. The result? "On Facebook, it was shared by dermatologists, other spas and cosmetic brands, including SkinCeuticals, which has more than 600,000 Likes," reports Amorosino. Invent Smart Social Media Challenges Posting on Instagram is practically a no-brainer. (Check out our September issue's Plugged In for tips and tricks.) In June 2016, the app reached 500 million monthly active users, a 20% increase in only 10 months. According to Pew Research Center, 59% of Instagrammers use the app daily. The marketing team at The Dragontree Spa, with locations in Portland and Boulder, Colorado, capitalizes on the popularity of this social site with innovative 21-day challenges called "The Rituals For Living Peace Movement." Every day for three weeks, the team shares a habit that anyone can start practicing to reduce stress and tension; for instance, turning down the volume on your inner critic, or getting at least eight hours' sleep a night. "The movement has been invaluable for extending our brand beyond our local business," says marketing director Phil Ackley. "We're able to build our contact list and bring in new clients and e-commerce customers who are very aligned with Dragontree's mission and values." Ackley does admit these curated challenges are resource intensive. The staff needs to write and sequence daily emails, source matching images, post on several social media sites and update multiple websites. They also reach out to business partners to provide prizes for participants. "But in the end, it's absolutely worth it to us," he reports. © GETTY IMAGES marketing savvy Blog On! Some helpful tips to begin your blogging journey: To truly establish yourself as an expert, short posts of 300 words or less won't cut it—around 1,500 is considered ideal. When it comes to formatting, "listicles" are popular and easily digestible on a smartphone or tablet. Make it easy for readers to leave a comment, and keep mobile users in mind. Add photos for aesthetic appeal. Run a promotion to lure in readers. For example, try asking people to post a comment in exchange for a discount on their next service. Email clients blog posts and include a call to action, such as signing up for a free product sample. This will help your writing gain initial traffi c. Are you a video virgin? Suggestions for those new to fi lming: High or low, know your budget. Consider investing in a high- quality camera. Choose relevant content—topics can be seasonal, based on what's trending in skin care or new treatments you're offering. Learn how to speak in sound bites; write out talking points. Keep it brief (under 90 seconds). In the editing process, add on-screen copy to accompany a shot or a voiceover.

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