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Page 87 of 100 • DAYSPA • october 2016 • [ 85 ] W hether you're a seasoned yogi or have only been to a few classes, you're most likely familiar with Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, or Half Pigeon, an external hip rotation that provides a deep stretch to the hips and thighs. Yogis often turn this well-loved hip opener into Sleeping Half Pigeon by folding the top half of their body toward the fl oor. "The reason we love this stretch so much is because it takes pressure off our rear ends," explains Garrett Neill, a chiropractic physician and Registered Yoga Trainer (RYT). "Most of us sit all day, therefore we're constantly in a lengthened position, putting pressure on our butts," he says. "When we fold forward, we don't have to use those muscles." However, by "turning off" these muscles, our body bends in an unnatural way. "The butt muscles are cushions to help limit motion," Neill explains. "When they're shut off, the femur bone can move further, and it ends up slamming into the cartilage." Of course, notes the physician, a handful of occasional Sleep- ing Half Pigeon postures won't damage the hips permanently. "But over a long period of time, I've seen fi rsthand this type of movement cause signifi cant damage," warns the yoga pro. As safe alternatives, Neill suggests postures that provide internal rotation and stretch for the hips, such as Heroes Pose, Revolved Triangle and Warrior One. And Half Pigeon is still a great option—just make sure yogis are staying upright (as pictured), with palms or fi ngertips rooted to the fl oor in front of their folded leg. lipping the Bird Left to right: Jane Hyde Kordish, LMT (2015 award recipient); Lynda Solien-Wolfe, vice president, massage & spa, Performance Health; Blythin Leggett, LMT; Leiah J. Carr, LMT, president, FSMTA TOP AND LEFT: © GETTY IMAGES; BOTTOM RIGHT: COURTESY ACTION JACKSON & FSMTA T he Performance Health FSMTA Humanitarian Award was presented at the Florida State Massage Therapy Association's Convention and Trade Show in June to licensed massage therapist and FSMTA member Blythin Leggett. This was the 14th year that the FSMTA and Performance Health had partnered to present this award, which honors massage professionals who have demonstrated a standout level of dedication, not only to their craft, but to giving back to their communities. Leggett was recognized for her ongoing work with military veterans, to whom she has devoted herself throughout her professional career, donating time and expertise at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, and Quantico, Virginia. "Blythin is another 'poster child' of generosity," says Performance Health president Marshall Dahneke, and FSMTA president Leiah J. Carr added, "Blythin truly demonstrates the qualities of an outstanding humanitarian who changes lives on a daily basis." In addition to honoring Leggett at the FSMTA convention, Performance Health donated $1,000 to Special Operations Bionic Warriors, a nonprofi t organization that provides sports-related coaching and equipment to U.S. Special Operations soldiers aff ected by injuries, wounds and illness resulting from their service. AWARD-WINNING PERFORMANCE A GOOD RUN Participating in a Breast Cancer Aware- ness fundraising walk or marathon this month? To avoid injuries, Mayo Clinic urges you to keep the following checklist in mind—both before your shoes hit the pavement and throughout your run. Here's to record-breaking results! GAZE: FORWARD Doing so will keep you in balance, plus help you see where you're going! HEAD AND SHOULDERS: ALIGNED Torso rotation wastes precious energy. CHEST: LIFTED UP AND OUT Expands the lungs and allows for deeper breathing. STRIKE: MIDFOOT FIRST Heel striking increases the risk of injury. FORWARD KNEE: BENT Keep your forward foot directly below the knee for proper form.

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