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carryover head • december 2016 • [ 49 ] materials. We strive for LEED standards with VOC-free paints, nontoxic cleaning products, low-fl ow toilets, and nontoxic, plant-based ingredients in every product used or sold. We use 100% recycled paper and soy-based inks wherever possible, and we plant a tree for every service performed through How do you reconcile the spa industry's high water usage with green practices? Calton: We took deliberate measures to design The Allison as a low-energy- consuming property. Key water-saving features include water-effi cient plumbing fi xtures and equipment, and rooftop solar water collectors for heated water. Irrigation equipment has been installed to utilize the city's reclaimed water supply for landscaping. Jalovec: Our spa's green design elements include showerheads and low-fl ow toilets; the cleaning system uses biodegradable, eco-friendly detergents, and effi cient treatment protocols cut down on spa linens. In addition, our drought-resistant landscaping uses native plants that provide habitats for the endangered Smith's Blue Butterfl y, California Red-Legged Frog and Western Pond Turtle. Matincheck: We've signifi cantly reduced laundry waste by limiting the number of towels used in treatments. Plus, instead of sending unused hot-wet towels to laundry at the end of the day, we hang them on a drying rack overnight for next-day use. Plishka: We're discovering more and more ways to conserve water: We focus extra attention on conservation eff orts with tankless water heaters, and Energy Star washers and dryers. At our 10 Ten Nail Bar, hand-carved alabaster foot basins use half as much water as industry- standard basins. We've also purchased hydropower credits to off set electricity use with a renewable power source. Bohn: We chose not to perform manicure and pedicure services to avoid harsh ingredients found in some nail polishes and removers, and to substantially save water waste. We use low-water washing machines and do laundry in house using nontoxic detergents, while still meeting state health codes. All our linens, including sheets, towels and robes, are made of organic cotton or other sustainable materials, or can be washed and dried using as little energy as possible. How have earth-friendly measures saved–or earned–you money? Calton: Energy effi ciency was a high priority throughout the spa's design process, and it resulted in an energy cost savings of almost 50% relative to a conventionally designed building. Plus, our Variable Refrigerant Volume heating and cooling are more effi cient compared to typical hospitality HVAC systems. Matincheck: Because we only partner with product companies that demonstrate a high level of commitment to environmental causes, we've seen a substantial increase in the number of facial services performed each month—and in facial product sales—as clients increasingly appreciate and seek responsible spa services. Also, operational costs have fallen, and we've reduced our usage of electricity, towels and paper, and completely eliminated disposable plastic including cups, plates and fl atware. Bohn: Our business has built its reputation on being organic and green from the ground up. This is a huge part of why we're a successful spa brand, and why we've been able to grow to four locations in the Dallas area. Plishka: Timers and motion-sensor devices help us utilize electricity only at the times we need it, and Energy Star appliances use fewer utilities. Natural Body's original location uses 0.317 Sasanqua Spa at e Kiawah Island Club: "We treat the whole person using eff ective, natural and organic ingredients while protecting the environment. " Spa Habitat Allison Spa: "We nurture guests' whole being by off ering a LEED-Certifi ed green facility featuring the purest quality eco-therapies, amenities and products."

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