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[ 50 ] • DAYSPA • december 2016 BOTTOM LEFT: COURTESY KODIAK GREENWOOD eco chic spa speak Post Ranch Inn: "We create a distinctive, luxurious guest experience that melds seamlessly with environmental and social stewardship." Natural Body Spa: "We provide natural and nurturing services and products while helping the environment." cents per square foot, while our newer Brookhaven location's electricity bill averages 0.208 cents per square foot. The savings comparison calculates to $637 per month. Jalovec: We save money and reduce waste by buying bulk spa products to minimize packaging, in recyclable or reusable containers whenever possible. We give preference to purchasing environmentally superior products and offi ce materials. Guests are more interested in sustainable practices for self-care than ever before—it's important to them, and they appreciate the natural ingredients contained in our signature products, including honey from the bees on property. Which of your spa values and practices have garnered the respect of your community? Jalovec: Post Ranch Inn is considered an American archetype in organic architecture, and its respect for the land and commitment to our community are immediately evident. The design and construction of our green buildings use natural materials and sod roofs to blend in with the landscape. We use solar panels, chauff eur guests in electric cars and encourage employees to carpool or walk to work, which reduces traffi c and ensures a serene environment for both our guests and neighbors. Bohn: Green and organic practices are at the core of everything we do. Most customer feedback acknowledges that this is a big part of why clients choose to visit our spas in the fi rst place. Appreciation for our carefully curated apothecary is also high: We were named 'Best Spa Boutique in the U.S.' by DAYSPA a few years ago. Calton: Guests typically already value and have a sense for sustainability, and the community is vocal about how proud they are of our eff orts. Some of those endeavors are designed to raise awareness, like naming the resort's restaurant, Jory, after Oregon's native soil, which is responsible for nurturing the produce of the Willamette Valley. Plishka: Our commitment to the environment and our socially responsible support for the community are at the forefront of our business practices. Natural Body's Village Place location was chosen for its high-density/mixed-use development following local EarthCraft Community guidelines, which were introduced in 2005 and are designed to protect the environment, enhance quality of life and improve the economy. Matincheck: Our members and guests make positive comments daily about our organic product lines and our all-natural treatments. They also love knowing that each time they purchase an Éminence skincare product, a tree is planted on behalf of our membership- only club spa. Being able to track this progress keeps both our members and our employees engaged in the process. u Head to our website for a 12 Easy Tweaks rundown. M O R E O N T H E W E B Natural Body Spa

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