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[ 58 ] • DAYSPA • december 2016 Facebook: Social Media Sovereign Reigning king of social media, Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users and dominates its competitors, making the platform a smart advertising choice, especially for spa owners just beginning to dip their toes into social media advertising. Facebook off ers a number of targeted ad options, which can be posted based on: • Location Connect with clients who live near your spa • Demographics Choose age, gender and even language • Interests Find people attracted to buying spa and beauty products • Connections Reach friends of current customers Facebook will then run clickable ads within users' newsfeeds and alongside personal pages, driving traffi c directly to an advertiser's website. Ads can fi t any budget, as business owners set their own dollar amount limits. Small businesses can choose to run ads in a variety of ways: • Cost per click (CPC) You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. According to Fit Small Business, an organization that provides research-backed content to small business owners, the retail industry's CPC averages around $0.25. In other words, spending just $5 on Facebook marketing should net your spa's website about 20 clicks. • Cost per action You pay when a specifi c action is taken, such as making a purchase from your website. • Cost per like You pay to get a like on Facebook. • Impressions You pay when someone sees your ad, even if they don't click on it. On Facebook, you pay per 1,000 impressions. Fit Small Business lists the retail industry's cost per mille—the cost of 1,000 views of your ad—as $5.21. But is a modest Facebook impression worth the money? Many spa owners say yes, simply because it's a way of getting your spa's name out there. "When potential clients need a spa day and our name comes up in a search, they just might say 'Spa Lamar sounds familiar to me. I can't place where, but I must have heard something positive from someone because I have a good feeling about them,'" says Heidi Lamar, owner of Scottsdale, Arizona-based Spa Lamar. Lamar designs her ads in house and runs mostly "hot deal" promotions. Through her marketing savvy, her spa's Facebook page now has more than 10,500 likes. For those without a graphic design and copywriting background, Facebook's business website ( business) off ers tips for clear writing and photo selection. These include using short, simple words with strong calls to action. Instagram: Picture Perfect With more than 500 million monthly active accounts, Instagram now provides one of the world's strongest mobile ad platforms. Plus, according to Forrester, Instagram users engage with brand posts 58 times more than Facebook. The photo-sharing app lets businesses circulate ads with a highly engaged audience in several formats: • Photos Use imagery to promote your spa • Video Can be up to 60 seconds long • Carousel Showcase 3-5 images and links within a single ad. Users can swipe left to see additional images. Regardless of format, all ads include a call to action button that takes users to an advertiser's website. Since Facebook's acquisition of Instagram in 2012, users manage their ads with Facebook's self-service tools and interfaces. Instagram lets its advertisers set their own budgets and tailor ads to the business's exact needs. You will, however, need a Facebook plugged in IDEA TO IMPLEMENT Do you offer your customers complimentary Wi-Fi? You could actually be capitalizing on this amenity. "As a digital marketer, I come across a lot of businesses, including spas, that offer free Wi-Fi to customers but get nothing in return," notes Ed Brancheau, CEO of San Diego-based Goozleology Digital Marketing. Leverage this by using Facebook Wi-Fi, a free service that turns your router into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Users can still connect without having to pay a fee, but their browsers will auto matically open to your spa's Facebook page. In one click, patrons can check in to your business before using the web. You can then share offers and announcements with them via your page. Examples of Spa Lamar marketing.

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