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Page 67 of 84 • december 2016 • [ 65 ] COURTESY RASA SPA 5 ARE YOU PREGNANT? Although some products and services are blatantly unsuitable for pregnant women, clients in the early stages of pregnancy may not think to mention their condition. "You shouldn't perform a massage on anyone during the fi rst trimester, because that's when the fetus is most susceptible," cautions Olsen. 6 WHAT TYPE OF MASSAGE PRESSURE DO YOU PREFER, AND ARE THERE ANY AREAS WE SHOULD AVOID? A simple way to ask this question is to off er a multiple-choice list with diff erent levels of pressure or types of massage your spa off ers. Include a simple outline drawing of the body—front and back—so that clients can mark trouble spots. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? You never know what you don't know, so any additional information a client decides to provide can contribute to their wellness and satisfaction. u 10 8 HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US? Not only is this a useful tool in determining your marketing success, it also enables you to reward clients who refer others. The Spa on Green Street in Gainesville, Georgia, off ers a $5 credit for every referral. When $25 in credit is accrued, the referring client can apply it toward any spa service . WHAT ACTIVITIES AND HOBBIES DO YOU REGULARLY ENGAGE IN? Outdoor activities may suggest sun damage, as well as muscle and joint conditions seen with certain physical activities such as running or tennis. 9 3 ARE YOU USING ANY MEDICATIONS OR TOPICAL PREPARATIONS? This is essential for avoiding contraindications. For example, painkilling drugs may dull sensation during massage, and retinol products are incompatible with some skincare treatments. 7 WHAT'S YOUR CURRENT SKINCARE REGIMEN? Provide a checklist so clients can mark whether and how often they use a cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, mask, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF. Ask them to specify brands too, so you can assess which ingredients they're currently exposing their skin to—and so you can recommend extra (or alternative) retail items. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR TODAY'S TREATMENT AND WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE US TO FOCUS ON? Knowing whether a client is at the spa just to relax or to receive intense tissue work helps therapists customize treatments to meet the guest's expectations. For facial services, you can tailor the question to ask about key skincare concerns such as fi ne lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sagging. 4 check R L L R

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