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[ 66 ] • DAYSPA • december 2016 in the news industry headlines T he Global Wellness Institute is gathering thought leaders to launch a Wellness in Architecture initiative. The goal, says initiative chair Veronica Schreibeis Smith, is to start raising awareness about the ways our environment impacts us and to create a vocabulary with which to discuss the issue. Schreibeis Smith, who is also CEO and founding principal of Jackson, Wyoming-based architectural fi rm Vera Iconica Design, says that although environmental awareness principles are already in use in the spa and wellness industry, they are not widely practiced by the general architecture community. Thus, initiative members will interview building industry experts, consult with science and academic professionals, and collect people's personal anecdotes and experiences of "healing spaces" to gather evidence on how we as humans are affected by the built environment. The committee focal points will include the function of green and sustainable materials and ways to integrate specifi c elements of culture in design, among others. "There are a lot of best practices that are being looked at from one lens, but we need a more grounded viewpoint to truly have wellness architecture," says Schreibeis Smith. CRUISING TO HEALTH P rincess Cruises recently partnered with Wakefi eld Research to conduct a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults regarding their relaxation habits. The result is the cruise line's Seventh Annual Relaxation Report. Its fi ndings: Americans tend to use their precious vacation days either to catch up on sleep (72%) or on non- relaxation-related activities, such as running errands, going to appointments, and taking extra sick days for themselves or family members (68%). So when do Americans just full-out relax? More than half of them may not, unless they purposefully schedule it. Not too surprisingly, the report concludes that adults in the U.S. would do well to plan a relaxation-based vacation. Princess isn't the only cruise-industry player to focus on the importance of relaxation. Luxury line Seabourn has partnered with The Onboard Spa by Steiner to develop the fi rst mindful living program at sea. The new program, Spa and Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil, off ers guests the chance to add a holistic spa and wellness element to their cruise itineraries. Wellness expert Weil will kick off the program's fi rst year aboard Seabourn Encore's inaugural cruise in January, with an hour-long lecture for guests as well as smaller, more informal group discussions. Under the guidance of a certifi ed yoga and meditation practitioner, guests can participate in daily meditation practices for positivity and refl ection, as well as a variety of targeted yoga classes and mind and body seminars. The program will be rolled out across the entire Seabourn fl eet in 2017. "This new wellness program will off er our guests an experience they won't fi nd anywhere else in the industry," reports Seabourn president Richard Meadows. "By partnering with Dr. Weil, a pioneer in integrative medicine, we will deliver an even greater degree of mind and body programs that ensure guests can break away, relax and rejuvenate while they travel with us." H E A L I N G N E W S HEALING BY DESIGN COURTESY TOP: PRINCESS CRUISES; BOTTOM: © GETTY IMAGES

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