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[ 68 ] • DAYSPA • december 2016 Skincare pros are well versed in the benefi ts of vitamins A, C and E in fending off free radicals and helping to keep skin looking young. But when it comes to cognitive function, vitamin B 12 is proving essential to maintaining "brain youth." For one 2014 study conducted at the University of Oxford in the U.K. in collaboration with the University of Oslo in Norway, researchers enrolled 270 people over the age of 70, all with mild cognitive impairment and low B 12 levels. A selected group of these subjects was treated with high doses of the vitamin over two years. At the end of the period, testing revealed reduced cerebral atrophy in these subjects. Doctors who work with mentally impaired, depressed and dementia- affected patients have noted that bloodwork on these individuals often reveals a defi ciency in B 12 , as well as folate, another B vitamin. The elderly, people who eat little to no animal products, and those with certain medical conditions affecting digestion are especially vulnerable. Here are some key facts and recommendations concerning B 12 : • Minor B 12 defi ciency symptoms include muscle weakness, tingling/ numbness in hands/feet, slow or complete loss of refl exes, and fatigue. Advanced symptoms include confusion, depression, memory loss and dementia. • Our bodies get the vitamin from meat, fi sh, milk, cheese and eggs; in foods fortifi ed with it; or in supplement form. • The National Academy of Medicine's daily requirement of B 12 is 2.4 mcg for people 14 and older. B for Brain Health TOP AND BOTTOM RIGHT: © GETTY IMAGES Conair's Professional Division has acquired haircare and styling company Aquage . Launched as a family-owned business in 1959, Conair has grown into a salon industry leader, recognized for its technology-driven and customer-focused products and tools. "Our success comes from innovative, high-quality products and an unwavering commitment to professional stylists and their clients," says Ken Russo, senior vice president of Conair's Professional Division. "That focus drives our success and it will do so with Aquage as well." Since its founding 1998, Aquage has sold its sea-botanical-based line solely to independent salons. The company's vice president and cofounder Luis Alvarez vows to continue delivering innovative styling and fi nishing products under the Conair umbrella. "Our mission to elevate the image of the professional industry, the hairdresser and the independent salon owner is unchanged," he says. High-quality hair extensions brand Bellami Hair has opened its arms to a suite of professional makeup products with the acquisition of Mirabella Cosmetics . John Maly, Mirabella owner and now CEO of the combined companies, notes that Bellami Hair gained much of its audience via a community of Instagram and YouTube infl uencers, ultimately reaching 100 million followers. "Bellami's early recognition and its partnering with top beauty infl uencers produced unprecedented digital sales growth in the professional hair product market," reports Maly. His near-future plans include opening up new sales channels for Bellami branded products, and growing and diversifying its product mix. H E A L I N G N E W S in the news To learn whether the smallest among us can benefi t from the powers of refl exology, researchers at the Pediatric Nursing Department at Istanbul University, Turkey, conducted a study in 2015 assessing pain levels in infants receiving vaccinations. Of the 60 subjects aged 1 to 12 months, 30 received a 20- to 30-minute refl exology treatment prior to receiving their vaccinations, and 30 served as a control group. The babies' pain levels were then determined based on the Face, Legs, Activity, Cry, Consolability (FLACC) scale. After examining the data, researchers noted a statistically signifi cant difference in scores between the two groups: The infants who received refl exology treatments experienced reduced pain, as well as lower heart rates, higher oxygen saturation and shorter crying periods, than those in the control group. Little Feet, Big Results Astute Acquisitions

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