DEC 2016

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Are you safe from the unexpected? I magine one of your wax-heating machines malfunctions, and when you apply wax to a client, it's way too hot. Maybe a client gets a skin reaction to hair products you have applied to her hair for years. And even the best, most safety- conscious professionals can have someone slip and fall out of their pedicure chair. If any of these scenarios were to happen to you, you could be sued—and face thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and probably a hefty settlement, too. A lawsuit can mean serious financial hardship and the loss of personal assets such as vehicles, homes, and savings accounts if you do not have the right insurance coverage. So—are you safe from lawsuits filed against you? WHO NEEDS LIABILITY INSURANCE As a service professional, you are responsible for having technical knowledge and training in your particular area of expertise. You are also expected to provide those services safely, and safety includes the products you use, the environment in which you perform your work and any other reasonable area of care for your clients. This expectation of safety applies no matter where you work—and you can't assume that if you work in someone else's location, that the location owner's insurance covers you. Whether you are a professional who has your own businesses and who operates as the only employee, or an independent contractor renting space, you need professional liability insurance to protect you from financial losses resulting from claims filed against you by clients. Though not every business that rents space to you will require you to have your own insurance, be sure to check your contract so that you fully understand your liability exposure while working in that location. Most businesses will not have coverage for independent contractors specific to their professional liability. GET COVERED Many professional policies can provide you with peace of mind that you are covered regardless of the location in which you are working. Professional liability coverage is available at a variety of costs. In addition to ensuring you meet any contractual obligations, having your own professional coverage makes people perceive you as more prepared, which can set you apart from other service providers. While it may seem like a long shot that you may be held responsible for a client's personal injury during a service, it is important to understand that lawsuits are more common than you think. Your clients have the right to file claims for you to pay for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other damages that arise from injuries they incur under your care. LEARN MORE Want to learn more about terms, conditions, and additional coverages? Go to insurance-guide. Enroll: dspa5 1.800.983.0531

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