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Page 65 of 100 • july 2017 • [ 63 ] ADVERTORIAL Our storybook tale began over 90 years ago with a family-owned business in the South of France. BelleCôte Laboratories carefully self-harvest their own Organic Seaweed and Plants, or purchase them directly from old, family-owned farms that genuinely care about the organic nature of the plant, root, stem and fl ower. BelleCôte offers an expert line of skin care like no other, providing scientifi cally advanced treatments, back bar and retail products. Natural ingredients, such as deep sea minerals, peptides, antioxidants and bioactive marine ingredients from rare algae, preserved in their original form, deliver ultra effective healing properties. Unleash the power of Triple Active Collagen, phytonutrients and marine origin Botoxal, with our Triple Collagen with Botoxal that naturally recharges and restores the skin. This outstanding natural treatment is an excellent source of protein that brings elasticity and a lifting, Botox-like effect to the skin. With the additional infusion of reparative antioxidants, organic seaweed extracts and hyaluronic acid, the treatment is like no other. Build up and refresh cells with our Sensitive Treatment with Stem Cells. Stem cells have a tremendous ability to rejuvenate and revitalize aging skin and replace damaged cells. Bilberry extract helps treat damaged skin affected by fragile capillaries and rosacea. This treatment also bestows a calming and anti-infl ammatory effect. Our Caviar Radiance Treatment is a runaway hit, loaded with potent caviar extract providing unparalleled nourishment and mineralization. Skin will feel full and plump and leave behind a beautiful glow. Our Wrinkle Erasing Serum with Botoxal is also a top seller! Our retail products and professional treatments are designed to work in synergy. From coast to coast, customers are reaping the benefi ts of BelleCôte — the beautiful coast. "BelleCôte means beautiful coast. It represents the best of what nature has to off er." Toll Free 855.587.8781 New Revolutionary Anti-aging Technology crafted with Seaborn Ingredients. E quibal Labs is not just another beauty product company; we have been dedicated to formulating salon and spa products for safety, effectiveness and the profitability of salons, for 40 years. Equibal Labs are FDA-registered and run by professionals who understand the needs of the salon and spa. One of our products is Nufree Nudesse, a patented, self-preserving anti- microbial and antibacterial non-wax hair remover that defies the problems associated with waxing. A rose may still be a rose but not all hair removal products are alike. Nufree Nudesse provides an alternative to "wax." It is safe for the entire body, extremely effective and generates 10 times more services and profits than other "wax category products." Equibal Labs also manufactures finipil, a patented, FDA-registered antiseptic that destroys 99.999% of germs. Originally created to provide comfort and safety following hair removal treatments, finipil is an incredible moisturizer and sanitizer. It treats blemishes, helps prevent ingrown hairs, cools and calms skin irritations, redness, rashes, minor burns and itching, and even helps reduce swelling! Not only does this product protect your liability and credibility but it has generated the best in-salon "retail profit" for many years running. Registered Nufree Nudesse finipil salons and spas also benefit by taking advantage of public advertising that refers clients to Nufree Nudesse finipil salons in their area! Equibal Labs believes that educating the salon client about professional products helps registered salons earn more customers. 800-247-2405 Join the thousands of Nufree Nudesse Finipil Salons reaping the benefits of our products!

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