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Page 67 of 100 • july 2017 • [ 65 ] ADVERTORIAL A respected pioneering industry leader serving the esthetics industry for over 30 years, Lamskin (formerly known as Skin Care Consultants) specializes in highly advanced skin care technologies for the rapid and effective treatment of minor skin conditions (LAMPROBE, CryoSkin), in-depth skin analysis (SkinLite, SkinLiteII), and unparalleled training and educational excellence. Exceptionally popular amongst skin care practitioners worldwide, the LAMPROBE treats a wide range of minor skin conditions – Non-invasively – and with immediate results. The creation of visionary company founder, Hubert Lam, the LAMPROBE treats a wide variety of common skin conditions that skin therapists encounter daily, such as: clogged pores, cholesterol deposits, milia, cherry angiomas, spider naevi, telangiectasia, fi bromas, and skin tags. LAMPROBE treatments are exceptionally quick and deliver instantaneous results, in ONE treatment only; no anesthesia is required. The CryoSkin is another effective and revenue-enhancing Lamskin treatment tool that treats common skin conditions such as: age spots, keratosis, sun spots, and warts, as well as making permanent make-up corrections possible. Utilizing freezing nitrous oxide (N2O) technology, CryoSkin treatments are exceptionally rapid, painless, and easy to perform. Provence Cosmetics is an innovative cosmetics company from the Provence region in South France that is causing quite a stir with its flagship products and treatments: Bioslimming, 5D from Paris Anti-aging Facial and BodyPro50. The integrity of a product is paramount, and Provence Cosmetics is extremely proud of the high quality and level of active ingredients in its homecare and professional products. The professional products are some of the strongest and most technologically advanced in-spa and homecare treatments on the market. Provence Cosmetics places a high level of importance on its relationships with beauty professionals and their clients and strives to guarantee 100% product satisfaction. Working under these principles we develop effective and unique products that are without comparison on the market. 1.877.700.7775 s "IOSLIMMINGISCONSIDEREDBYPROFESSIONALSTOBEONEOFTHEMOST EFFECTIVEHIGHENDBODYCONTOURINGTREATMENTSAVAILABLE)TNOTICEABLY ANDINSTANTLYREDUCESTHEAPPEARANCEOFCELLULITEANDFATDEPOSITS ANDENHANCESWEIGHTLOSSFORHOURSFOLLOWINGAPPLICATION s $FROM0ARIS!NTIAGING&ACIALLEAVESSKINNOTICEABLYYOUNGER BRIGHTERANDMORERADIANTINLESSTHANHOURS s "ODY0ROREPRESENTSANEWCUTTINGEDGENATURALBODYTHERAPY APPROACHDEDICATEDTOTHEHEALTHANDWELLNESSWITHINTHESPORT lTNESSANDHEALTHINDUSTRIES)TSTHREEPRODUCTSAREEACHDEVELOPED TOTREATANDTARGETMULTIPLECONCERNS Provence Cosmetics is exclusive to day spas and licensed specialists/therapists, combining the best of science and nature in all of its product lines : "The integrity of a product is paramount, and Provence Cosmetics is extremely proud of the high quality and level of active ingredients used within its products both within it's homecare and professional products, making them some of the strongest professional products available."

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