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Page 76 of 100 [ 74 ] • # dayspamagazine • july 2017 marketing savvy Managing the Logistics Pop-ups may appear effortless and spontaneous to the outside observer, but it takes meticulous planning to make them run smoothly. These pro tips can help: Set up early. Have supplies and equipment delivered to the site at least four hours in advance, in case anything is overlooked or you need time to retrieve more items. Take stock. Pack products in groups of six: one to display, two to sell and three more for backup. Streamline your systems. Have a simple, mobile point- of-sale process in place for retail transactions. Bring your A-team. Your staff should be well prepped on the services and products featured, and refl ect your brand identity and values at all times. Keep in touch. Have plenty of business cards readily available, as well as a digital or written log where clients can leave their contact information. ast four for your services but also for a complete network of complementary brands," Werbowski notes. Aranda also recommends partnering with consummate professionals who can contribute their own eff ective promotion techniques and understand your needs at their site. "Lack of promotional eff orts, low visibility or locations that aren't well known or highly traffi cked are big red fl ags," says Aranda, who has created pop-ups with retailers, wedding and event planners, and food vendors, among others. "The more experienced and professional the host, the better." MARKET LIKE MAD. Because pop-ups tend to occur at unexpected times or places, you must use multiple means of communication to get the word out about the event, including social media, e-newsletters, press releases and branded materials. Good visuals paired © GETTY IMAGES

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