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[ 76 ] • # dayspamagazine • july 2017 management workshop by Michele Meyer Sweat the Small Stuff Nine niceties spa owners should never neglect. © GETTY IMAGES L ike most business people, many spa owners tend to spend their time and energy focusing on the big picture—grand marketing plans, client database spreadsheets, profi t-boosting promotions and so on. Attending to these matters is important, of course, but doing so can also mean that smaller issues get overlooked. Unfortunately, if certain details fall through the cracks, it quickly becomes clear that they're not so small after all. Paying attention to the fi ner points of spa protocol has a ripple eff ect, leading to a greater impact than pros may realize. "The spa business is in the details," says Cheryl Jordan, regional spa director for Delamar Hotels' three Connecticut locations. "You're creating a Zen environment where guests feel cocooned." So, in the name of ensuring that your guests' needs are always met, and that your spa reaps the rewards of your dogged attention to detail, we've identifi ed and addressed common small—but mighty—client turn-off s.

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