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G o o d V i b r a t i o n s E a s t + W e s t = R e l i e f • july 2017 • [ 85 ] W hen it comes to relieving pain, combining Eastern healing theory and practices with Western technology can yield extraordinary results. In one recent example, an Indiana University School of Medicine (IU) study published in Stem Cells brought together more than 40 scientists at institutions in the U.S. and South Korea to trace the chain reaction of electroacupuncture from the initial stimulus of the needle to its ultimate effect on the body. In electroacupuncture, an electrical current is used to enhance the TCM practice of inserting fi ne needles to facilitate the fl ow of energy (or chi). The researchers found that electroacupuncture activated the hypothalamus—responsible for controlling the nervous system and involuntary functions such as digestion—within 9 to 22 minutes. As a result, reparative mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) were mobilized within two hours and released into the body to relieve pain and speed healing. "This work is a classic example of the power of team science, where investigators in different institutions worked together to unravel the complexity of how electroacupuncture works," says IU Distinguished Professor Mervin C. Yoder, MD. Good Vibrations S pas do their best to offer relaxing and therapeutic experiences to all clients— however, cancer patients are sometimes turned away or unable to receive certain treatments because of their compromised immune systems. In an effort to change this, Christine Clinton Cancer Care and sound healing organization Eastern Vibration have joined forces to create the Touch and Vibration for Cancer Care program, which emphasizes the use of sound frequency to boost health. "Sound and vibrational healing can help relax and sedate the brain," explains Christine Clinton. "We truly want wellness properties to embrace their ability to work with cancer clients, and for them to have at least one service on their menu that caters to those with compromised health." The program offers a one-day interactive workshop for up to 10 participants that covers the theories behind cancer care and sound therapy, and includes an Eastern Vibration Kit with singing bowls. Clinton also offers a three-day certifi cation in touch therapy for cancer clients, and Eastern Vibration provides extended sound-healing training. To learn more, visit or H E A L I N G N E W S East + West = Relief © GETTY IMAGES Your destination for quality spa products! 63$ VSDUHQLW\#\DKRRFRP ZZZVSDUHQLW\FRP Buy Direct & Save!

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