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Page 41 of 76 • june 2018 • [ 39 ] Time Resist Duo: An antiaging pair that targets silent aging factors, including infl amm'aging, oxidative stress and glycation. Consisting of a day and nighttime formula, they work in tandem to smooth and fi ll wrinkles, while renewing skin cells' energy. Lift+ Booster: This lightweight hydrating and fi rming fl uid enhances the eff ects of the Time Resist Duo to promote healthy skin tone and tighten facial contours. Ti R This 60-minute antiaging facial utilizes Time Resist products, Yon-Ka's skin-smoothing solution for women ages 45-55. Designed to meet specifi c needs by combining "youth-activation" agents with an alpha and beta hydroxy peel, the treatment refi nes skin texture and boosts overall cell renewal. Time Resist immediately re-energizes and smooths fi ne lines and wrinkles, while combatting infl amm'aging (the intrinsic damage that ages the skin and its cells). 800.533.6276 • PRODUCTS Aromatic Toning With Lotion Yon-Ka. Imparting classic essential oils of lavender, rosemary, geranium, cypress and thyme, Quintessence—the Yon-Ka treasure—hydrates, calms, balances and re-energizes the olfactory system, providing overall wellness and preparing the skin for maximum absorption of vital nutrients and active ingredients. STEP 9 Final Moisturizer With Time Resist. Yon-Ka's newest antiaging crème is designed to boost epidermal and dermal stem cells—essential for preserving youthful and beautiful skin. A Youth Energy lipoamino acid fi ghts stress and infl ammation, which can degrade proteins and impair skin's ability to protect itself from environmental aggressors. Euglena gracilis and silk tree extracts combine with youth activators to replenish and re-energize. Skin is left fi rmer, with increased elasticity and tone; the depth, length and width of fi ne lines and wrinkles is greatly reduced. STEP 10 Yon-Ka Signature Aromatic Awakening. Beginning with the energizing scent of rosemary, Phyto 152 is applied to the esthetician's hands and deep breathing is encouraged to gently wake and engage the client, followed by a full body stretch to prompt circulation and the awakening process. Lastly, the client is assisted into a seated position while Lait Hydratant, Yon-Ka's skin-quenching and nourishing body milk, is applied to the upper back and shoulders, completing the facial treatment and allowing the client to emerge from the experience relaxed and with beautifully glowing, smooth skin. STEP 11 Facial Masque: Masque Lift. A professionals- only modeling mask rich in marine collagen, spirulina and rosemary provides a long-lasting fi rming eff ect to the skin. This solution defi nes facial contours, tones and tightens skin, deeply hydrates with hyaluronic acid, and balances and brightens with lavender and geranium, revealing a supple, smooth, radiant and resilient complexion. Lotion Yon-Ka: A versatile healing water that drenches skin with the solar-charged energy of essential oils to purify, tone and invigo rate. The alcohol- and paraben-free treatment also soothes the complexion and optimizes the eff ects of customized treatment regimens. Phyto-Contour: Designed to reveal contours that look brighter and refreshed, this eye cream naturally combats puffi ness and fatigue in a sensitive and often over-stressed area. Lo tion Y STEP 8

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