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Page 61 of 76 • june 2018 • [ 59 ] arouse curiosity and add an element of surprise. Just be careful that it doesn't block the fl ow of traffi c, disrupt quiet areas, or annoy other clients who don't want to be in the background. The Spa at River Ridge had a space that wasn't ideal for spa services, so that's where it set up its selfi e wall. This turned out to be the perfect spot because clients walk past it on their way to the salon. "We created an interesting step-and-repeat background with our logo that our guests enjoy and use—and that also spreads our brand," reports Martini. Get the Light Right Nobody's going to post a photo to social media unless they like the way they look. For this, proper lighting is essential. "Soft, diff used light is best for selfi es," says Hennings. "Natural light is ideal, but try to avoid direct sunlight as it tends to be too harsh. You can get great soft lighting using a ring light or by setting up in an open area with lots of windows." Give em a Push Even if you've created the perfect wall, some guests may need a little extra encouragement to take the picture and post it on social media. So sweeten the deal with a special gift. "Give clients a free sample or a small discount on their next purchase for posting, tagging or using the hashtag," advises Ufl and. The Strand ran just such a promotion, off ering a 10 percent discount on any retail product if clients shared a selfi e. "The younger crowd was all about it!" says Huggans. "For those over about 40, it took a bit of coaxing." If you fi nd that some guests are resistant to spa selfi es, too, simply make that promo as irresistible as you dare! u

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