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[ 12 ] • # dayspamagazine • july 2018 T E A M T R A V E L S from the editor by Laura Waldon A s a teenager, I luckily only suff ered from the occasional breakout. Yet without fail, my grandmother insisted that chocolate was causing even the most minimal of skin issues. I never quite believed she was right, but she wasn't entirely off base, either— although research hasn't conclusively proven that any one food is bad for the complexion, it does stand to reason that a sugar-heavy diet goes hand-in-hand with other unhealthy behaviors that, all together, contribute to blemishes, dull skin and/or signs of aging. So it's not just about, say, cutting out sweets, but rather healthier lifestyle choices overall. As an adult, I still strive to maintain a routine that supports my well-being and, hence, my skin: regular hikes and yoga, eating plenty of veggies, drinking lots of water—I even use a stress- lowering app that wakes me gently in the a.m. instead of blaring an alarm in my face! As a spa professional, you're in a unique position to off er guidance to your clients, not only about skincare products and services, but also regarding lifestyle factors that promote total health for a glowing complexion. For a primer on some key habits you can recommend, check out "Skin Savers" on page 20, where you'll fi nd seven strategies straight from the experts. Our ideas for boosting wellness from the inside out don't stop there—you'll also want to fl ip to Spotlight (page 24), which highlights how nutritional supplements can be the perfect complement to spa services. Of course, even as you're steering guests toward healthy living, you'll want to emphasize the importance of restorative treatments as well. See "Body Talk" on page 36 for services that address everything from cellulite to sagging skin, and our In Focus column on page 14 to learn about the benefi ts of gotu kola, an increasingly popular skin supporter. For those clients who truly need a burst of hydration from head to toe this summer, check out Nature's Bounty (page 44), which showcases earth-friendly oils for the face, body and hair. If you take one thing away from this issue, I hope it's that there are many ways to promote and achieve health and wellness—and that, with a balanced approach, you'll succeed in revealing your clients' inner and outer beauty. I enjoyed an antiaging hand treatment at Organic to Green in Santa Monica, California Alexa received a microcurrent session at the House of NuFACE in West Hollywood, California Jasmine celebrated the OPI Grease Collection launch in West Hollywood, California Inner Beauty For more lifestyle tips, visit the "My Wellness Secrets" series on M O R E O N T H E W E B

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