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[ 62 ] • # dayspamagazine • july 2018 How To Stay Untouched It is critical for every employer to have a written sexual harassment policy. This document should provide action guidelines for employees who experience the eff ects of harassment. If the alleged harasser is a supervisor, there must be a way for employees to go above that person's head to report the grievance, with assurances that there will be no negative ramifi cations for disclosing the alleged harassment. Establish a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment, but enforce it with care. If "zero" to you means that anyone accused of harassment is immediately fi red, you are leaving yourself open to serious liability. The employer's immediate action should be to separate the parties so as to protect both (sometimes a tall order, especially in small spas). Then, the employer has a duty to investigate and gather evidence; if it's forthcoming and serious, termination of the harasser is warranted. Perhaps the best defi nition of zero tolerance is: If it's proven, you're gone. If the situation is a he said/she said issue and there is no defi nitive evidence, the employer might need to continue the separation of the alleged victim and alleged harasser, but keep a close watch and stay accessible for further dialogue. At that point it's a good idea to subtly let your entire staff know that you run an EEOC-compliant business, and what that means for them. When it comes to sexual harassment, the best prevention for employers is responsible hiring, keen attention and employee education. There is no substitute for a professionally conducted harassment seminar. The instructors use real-life examples from cases that have been decided by the courts or the EEOC, and this gives employees and supervisors a reference point from which to recognize workplace sexual harassment when it occurs. For more detail on the parameters of the law and employer responsibility regarding sexual harassment, visit types/sexual_harassment.cfm. u © GETTY IMAGES w ritten o ne e d, ability The I f the sit u t here is mi g h t the b a h em a tt e no su b harassme n examples from legal pad

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