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[20] • # dayspamagazine • june 2017 in focus by Angela Melero © GETTY IMAGES Grape Seed Although the fruit of the vine boasts a bevy of health benefi ts, it's the botanical berry's tiny pips that have become popular for their skin-enhancing properties. I t's no secret that grapes, right along with the wine they produce, have long been celebrated for their nutritional properties and healing powers. The fruit has even been given "superfood" status, thanks in large part to the fact that it's loaded with antioxidants, which studies have linked to everything from improved heart and brain health to lower risks for certain cancers. But look more closely at the research and you'll see that much of it focuses on the grape's seed, along with its oils and extracts, as that's where the greatest concentration of antioxidants can be found. So it's not surprising that those very seeds and their derivatives have become a secret weapon in spa products and treatments designed to polish, soothe, and even repair and protect clients' skin. A Grapes, grape leaves and the sap from grape vines have been used since ancient Greek times for health purposes, but grape seed extract wasn't developed until the 1970s. A Most grape seeds used to produce grape seed extract and oil are obtained from wine manufacturers. A Although their bitter taste makes them less than appetizing, grape seeds are edible on their own. A Studies have found that topically applied grape seed extract helps skin wounds heal more quickly and with less scarring. A Grape seed is available as a dietary supplement in capsules, tablets and liquid formulas. A Grape seed oil is light and easily absorbed, making it a preferred carrier oil for many massage therapists. QUICK FACTS

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