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K O Y A W E B B L I V E L O V E S P A T H E P H O E N I C I A N R E S O R T & S P A [ 74 ] • # dayspamagazine • june 2017 plugged in KOYA WEBB BASED IN: Los Angeles HANDLE: @koyawebb FOLLOWERS: 278K+ MANAGED BY: Koya Webb, Instagram infl uencer and motivational speaker HELPFUL HASHTAGS. "I believe in posting authentic material that helps serve the health and fi tness community. For example, I partner with other yogis for yoga challenges, and we all use the #yoga4growth hashtag so that our followers can engage in the challenges and connect—with each other and with us," says Webb. "I often post a lot of variations of #yoga, such as #yogaaddict and #iloveyoga, to attract new but like-minded followers." FOCUS ON POSITIVITY. "I post images of people who inspire me, like Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King Jr. and Misty Copeland, because I like to showcase mentors and keep my page uplifting, and I hope it inspires others too. I also like to share memes that make me smile and feel motivated, and I often post content that I believe helps and benefi ts my audience—I regularly get asked questions about food and yoga, so I create posts based around what people are asking me." LIVE LOVE SPA BASED IN: Orange County, California HANDLE: @livelovespa FOLLOWERS: 5,700+ MANAGED BY: Lisa Michaelis, CEO & founder KEEP IT SIMPLE. "We don't overthink our posts. I know a lot of people work within certain color stories or perfectly planned fl at lays, but we just like to post a glimpse of what we're doing— whether that's visiting a spa, checking out a brand's headquarters, reviewing a new product or attending an event," says Michaelis. DEMONSTRATE YOUR EXPERTISE. "I advise spas to avoid utilizing Instagram only to sell products or services. They should also provide their audience with easy, digestible tips that show how they are the experts," she suggests. "For example, a spa could post an image of an esthetician holding a new product with a caption such as, 'Our master esthetician Kristy is loving Éminence's new Fizzofoliant! This powder mixed with a little water turns into a foam exfoliant that contains powerful microgreens for a bright, beautiful complexion!' Such a post showcases the new product and why followers may be interested in it, and it directs them back to the spa in question by including one of their expert staff members." THE PHOENICIAN RESORT & SPA BASED IN: Scottsdale, Arizona HANDLE: @the_phoenician FOLLOWERS: 7,200+ MANAGED BY: Gina Lucas, marketing manager INTERACT WITH FOLLOWERS. "We always reply to users who tag us in their photos," notes Lucas. "Many of our followers live on the East Coast, so we typically post early in the morning. We like to regram and credit clients who take photos of our spa—that cross-promotion defi nitely attracts a new audience." SHOWCASE SPECIALTIES. "We focus on developing photo opportunities specifi c to our spa, such as a signature treatment, the facility's unique architecture, a special vantage point or view, a new product or an outstanding associate. You can stand out from the competition by taking advantage of what makes your spa diff erent," she advises.

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