JAN 2014

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POWER+PRECISION TO DELIVER THE BEST RESULTS WHY IS POWER & PRECISION IMPORTANT FOR DERMAL NEEDLING? An underpowered needling device will tear the skin, power of up to 120 insertions per second, no other instead of puncturing, which will cause unneeded dermal pen or device can match. Using the Dermatude trauma and pain. An imprecise device & needle patented precision cartridge allows you the safety of cartridge will not deliver the correct needle depth an enclosed single use needle cartridge system needed to make the procedure effective. equipped with an inner protection membrane to Dermatude delivers both power and precision. Using prevent the back ˊow of ˊuids. No other pen or roller our exclusive FX50 device you will deliver constant offers this kind of precision or power. CA LL TODAY TO L E AR N MO R E 855-309-0313 DE RMATUDE.COM | U SA @ D E R MAT U D E .CO M • Use FreeInfo #45 T H E F A C E L I F T A L T E R N A T I V E

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